Digital Matter is a technology company that designs and develops embedded electronic devices - and the software that makes them work and communicate.

The devices range from mobile GPS devices communicating on the GSM and satellite networks, through to 'black box' electronics specific to your requirements.

Our engineering skills, research and development, and experience make us the ideal partner to help you design, develop and deploy your technology solution.

We have a team of over 18 embedded engineers and developers with many years of experience and a proven track record of delivery.

Technology Venture Capital

One of our preferred models is to partner with people who have an idea for an electronics product and have specialist industry knowledge but do not have the technical ability or funding to commercialize the idea.

If we like the idea we will get involved on a risk basis, either taking a stake in the new venture or developing the new technology on an exclusive licensed basis.

Rio Tinto:  Clean backup power for haul trucks

Digital Matter has recently completed a project with Rio Tinto where we designed a clean backup power supply unit for the companies haul trucks. 

The unit intelligently monitors the power to the trucks engine management computer and provides clean backup power allowing the computer to shutdown without corrupting data.

GPS Log Book:  Plug-in Telematics device

Digital Matter successfully conceptualized, designed and manufactured an end-consumer targeted GPS logging device that simply plugs into a vehicle power socket and logs all driving activity, making tax expense claims, business travel claims and small fleet monitoring affordable and accessible.

Already established on 5 continents with tens of thousands of satisfied users who are now far less frustrated at having to keep a logbook!

South Africa:  RICA GSM Data Terminal

Digital Matter has designed and developed the electronics, firmware and software components for this GSM / 3G data terminal that has laready registered over 48 million South African SIM card holders and is being used by the cell phone networks in South Africa for subscriber registrations and has applications for many customer registration requirements.

The new v5 has integrated biometric fingerprint reader, web-cam, colour screen, GPRS / 3G, dual SIM cards, GPS tracking module, 4 USB ports for peripherals, plus battery life to run all day. All housed in a rugged and portable design.

International:  Customer Feedback System

Digital Matter has designed and developed the electronics, firmware and software for the customer feedback system data gathering device. 

The device is designed to quickly gather customer survey data and to upload the data via the GSM cellular network to a central server for reporting.

If you have a technology or telematics requirement  please chat to us... We would love to hear from you!