Browser based telematics device management software for resellers

Engineer your own outcomes

Our OEMServer provides a flexible data conduit to the end customer’s choice of software system, while at the same time not restricting the features of the device

Simple and easy-to-use interface empowers customers to engineer their desired outcome even for the most complex configuration requirements.

Over-the Air (OTA) device management

Manage, monitor, configure, update and reboot devices remotely.

Push new features and functionality down to your devices as well as error-trap and fix any bugs or problems.

Flexible device configuration

Configure every element of every device with settings that include:

  • Ignition and trip logging
  • Digital and analogue inputs and outputs
  • Driver ID, iButton and Keypad
  • GPS, GPS Zone and Accelerometer

Update and configure devices in bulk

Easily filter devices and then apply previously saved administrative and system parameters to all selected devices simultaneously.

An unlimited number of administrative and system parameter templates can be stored and reused as required.

Template based approach

Use new or existing device settings to create templates for unique applications and specific customers.

Detailed settings screens give you infinite control of every aspect of devices, and once configured, save these settings as re-usable templates.

Seamlessly integrated with devices and is Digital Matter's customer tracking and telematics platform and has been designed and engineered to work best with our devices and management platform.

The seamlessly integrated system is available as white-label software for your client base.  Simply apply your branding and you are in business!

Data Connector for your own tracking software

Our OEMserver provides Data Connectors that forward data records on to the software platform of your choice, including Digital Matter’s own Telematics Guru and GPS Log Book platforms.

So now you can enjoy the best of both world's... OEMserver for over-the-air device management and your own telematics or tracking interface.

Utilise multiple connectors

OEMserver offers the facility to "split" data from your devices should you or your customer require data in multiple operational systems

Key Features...

Endless benefits and features seamlessly delivered:

  • Push new features and functionality down to your devices as well as error-trap and fix any bugs or problems.
  • GPS AssistNow Offline aiding data files
  • Remote debugging of devices, including being able to trace data, view detailed debug message logs, and view a live trace of the server debug messages
  • Remote disconnect and reboot of devices
  • Driver list downloads to devices – this allows for the Driver Identification on the device to check if the RFID tag / username / PIN is valid, and for specific drivers to be allowed to drive / operate particular vehicles, for example based on licences or permits.
  • Geo-fence syncing with the devices – this allows the device to do advanced in-cab alerting and monitoring such as geo-fence arrival and departure, speed limit alerting, dangerous intersection warnings, turn on warning lights inside a geo-fence, and disable communications inside intrinsically safe zones such as gas plants.
  • Provides a command and message queueing platform to the devices and is incorporated into the remote management and debugging applications


One of the key considerations when designing the entire Digital Matter Telematics ‘ecosystem’ was the requirement to be able to remotely manage and control the devices, as by definition the devices we are dealing with are mobile and are often located in remote areas. 

It was also important to be flexible in the ways that we supply the data to the end customer’s choice of software system, while at the same time not restricting the features of the device. 

The remote or “Over The Air” (OTA) capability is core to all of our products and the OEM Server allows us to: 

  • Remotely update device firmware: This is very important as this allows us to push new features and functionality down to the devices as well as fix any bugs or problems. 
  • Remotely manage administrative settings: The devices have different administrative settings that need to be securely managed as modifying them can potentially cause the devices to not be able to connect. The OEM server allows for the management of these settings 
  • Update GPS Offline Aiding Data: The G50 and other Digital Matter Telematics devices make use of the latest GPS techniques to allow the GPS to acquire satellites and get a ‘fix’ as quickly as possible. The Offline Data File allows the device to calculate which GPS satellites are in orbit above it and therefore dramatically speeds up the acquisition times, especially when the device is located in a poor reception area. Offline Data Files are generated and downloaded to the devices on a periodic basis to ensure that they have the latest ‘fresh’ data. 
  • Monitor: The OEM Server keeps track of devices and when they last connected, battery voltages and other important management and diagnostic indicators. The system allows you to set up alerts to proactively address any potential issues. 
  • Debug: As part of the remote management philosophy the Digital Matter Telematics system and OEM Server the system manages the ‘debug’ state of devices and records any debug records coming up from the devices for analysis. This is a powerful tool in diagnosing any potential problems from SIM card airtime through to problems with wiring and installations. 
  • Manage Peripherals: The G50 and other Digital Matter devices can have a number of peripherals connected to them and the OEM Server allows us to configure and manage these peripherals without being limited by the Customer’s chosen software platform. Some examples of this are 
    • Driver ID Lists sent down to the devices 
    • Temperature monitoring parameters and alerts 
    • Fuel tank profiles used in the fuel management peripheral 
    • Power, frequencies and other parameters for the RF T-Patch devices 
    • And other peripherals as they are developed and added 
  • Perform LIVE two way communication: This allows the server to proactively push messages down to the devices when connected. Examples include activating different operational modes on the devices (like ‘Recovery’ mode), or sending a message to be displayed on an in-cab display unit like a Garmin or other display. 

Another key element of the OEM Server is the pluggable “Connector” architecture that allows the OEM Server to forward data coming from the devices into 3rd party software platforms. Some of the key features of this: 

  • Flexible Data Formats: Digital Matter has a number of existing connectors that can be used, or new connectors can be written to cater for customer requirements. 
  • Splitting: Data can be ‘split’ to be sent to multiple systems. Often customers have a use for the data across different operational systems and require the data in two different databases or interfaces.

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