70'000 Temperature Readings and Counting

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70'000 Temperature Readings and Counting

SensorNode LoRaWAN Temperature Sensor recording the Jo'burg heat wave - every 5 minutes for 8 months

Our SensorNode LoRaWAN is performing well - 70'000 readings for about 50% of the battery capacity.

The device is running on the Comsol Actility based LoRaWAN network. It is set to use Adaptive Data Rate and has settled on SF12. It is set to read our temperature sensor once every 5 minutes. It is also getting a GPS fix and reporting it's battery level every 24 hours. The device is powered by 3 x Energizer Ultimate AA batteries.

The SensorNode is sold to System Integrators looking for industrial sensing solutions. The Falcon Cellular and SensorData Cellular will follow this device, on LTE CAT M1 and NB-IoT.

Here is a view of the last 30 days temperatures in Johannesburg. The morning spikes are a small amount of sun on the sensor, so the real peak is slightly lower, a little later in the day.

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