Bolt OBD for Fringe Benefit Tax Reporting and Log Booking

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Bolt OBD for Fringe Benefit Tax Reporting and Log Booking

The Bolt OBD is being used to track business vs private mileage for hassle free tax reporting.

The Bolt OBD is the perfect tracking device for car fringe benefits (FBT) reporting and Log Booking.

Both FBT reporting and Log Booking requires a device that is cost effective, easy to install, hassle free, and accurate. The Bolt fits this bill and is already seeing service in the GPS Log Book system in South Africa. Customers use the system to track business vs. private mileage.

The Bolt fits a lot into a small package at a great price point. Installation doesn't get simpler than this. It simply plugs into the vehicle OBDII port and immediately starts tracking car fringe benefits for easy reporting.
  • Out of sight, it sources power from the port, to run the smart GPS Tracking and report its data over 2G or 4G CAT M1 networks.
  • It includes a first class ublox GPS module for accurate tracking.
  • Connectivity is provided by either 2G or the latest cellular 4G CAT M1 networks.
  • The accelerometer reports driver behaviour metrics and accident reporting, including rollover detection.
At the end of the tax year, a detailed logbook can be submitted to the tax authority. Many customers find value in the hassle free log book reporting. 



Get in touch with us to discuss Bolt OBD pricing for your business or check out the Bolt OBD Device Page for more information.

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