Man-Down/No-Movement Alerts

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Man-Down/No-Movement Alerts

Man-Down, on the Oyster and Yabby LoRaWAN, alerts you when an asset hasn't moved for a period of time.

"Man-Down" is an innovative new feature on the Oyster and Yabby devices. This is limited to the LoRaWAN™ versions of each device for now.

Despite the "Man-Down" name, the feature has a variety of uses, beyond human and livestock tracking. The device will tell you when it has stopped moving for a period, where the period is a configurable parameter. It uses the accelerometer to monitor movement. This opens up some utilisation monitoring applications for assets like pumps and generators.

Here are two cases to consider:

  • You expect a valuable animal to move every 12 hours. If the animal does not move for 12 hours, something is wrong and a man down alarm will be triggered and set the Man-Down flag, get a GPS fix, and send it out on LoRaWAN. A software platform, such as Telematics Guru, can fire an SMS or email man down alert to the relevant people.
  • You expect a pump and generator to run every 2 days. The vibration of the pump is enough to wake the accelerometer and allow for effective pump monitoring and generator monitoring. If the pump has not run within the last 2 days, set the Man-Down flag, get a GPS fix, and send it out on LoRaWAN. A software platform, like Telematics Guru, can take action and notify the relevant people of the pump malfunction or generator malfunction.

The devices have a configurable man down timeout, from minutes up to many days. The man down feature can be used in conjunction with the normal heartbeat, and trip tracking. The sensitivity of the accelerometer can be tuned to your application.


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