New LoRaWAN stack for Digital Matter devices

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New LoRaWAN stack for Digital Matter devices

Digital Matter is pleased to announce their new LoRaWAN stack is in final testing and will be released by MWC Barcelona 2019

Digital Matter has completed a major update to the LoRaWAN stack used throughout their LoRaWAN IoT product line-up. The original stack was based on the Semtech/StackForce reference code, heavily modified to improve power efficiency, robustness, and simplicity. The new stack draws from this experience to produce a high quality, low-latency implementation with world class features, and gives Digital Matter devices a competitive advantage in the LoRaWAN market - especially when it comes to battery power. 

"Our initial LoRaWAN designs used a 3rd party module and stack, and we rapidly became frustrated with the lack of ability to cater for our needs" says Ken Everett, Digital Matter CEO. "Commercially it is critical for us to be agile, and move quickly on getting support for new regions and features as we need them. This is our stack, we own the IP and we have full control over it. In particular we have made sure that the Digital Matter stack is well suited for our range of battery-powered devices and have paid particular attention to low-power operations"

Highlights include:
  • Full 1.0 and 1.02 LoRaWAN specification support, enabling LoRa Alliance Certification
  • Full 1.1 LoRaWAN specification support, which is new to the industry
  • Intelligent sub-band probing for fast network joins in fixed channel regions
  • Port 224 test interface implementation, to ease network and certification testing
  • Extra low-latency frame repetition support, suitable for asset tracking
  • Further power optimization and robustness improvements
  • Simpler, more robust configuration
  • Support for custom channel definitions in ABP installations
  • Seamless connectivity across device reconfiguration and reboots
  • Support for customization of ADR parameters, for faster data rate adaptation
  • Improved transmit power management and Listen Before Talk
  • Support for the new Russian region, and the ARIB radio regulations in Japan

Digital Matter will be on the LoRa Alliance stand at MWC in Barcelona in Feb 2019 - come and meet with us and check out our awesome lineup of devices.

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