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Telematics Guru - Speed Monitoring

Telematics Guru's speed monitoring features include: local speed limit lookup, speed limit by geo fence, and speed limit by asset.

Speed monitoring in Telematics Guru has been gaining popularity over the last few months. We have worked hard on the local speed data look ups - ensuring the data is reliable and useful.
This is particularly useful to monitor speeding within your fleet of vehicles.

Here we highlight some aspects of the speed monitoring feature.

TG can monitor speed in a variety of ways:
  • Local speed limits: we have refined this and selected the best source of local speed data. The GPS data points from telemetry devices get looked up, and the corresponding local speed limit for the road is returned.
  • Geo fence speed limits: customers may wish to set special speed limits within geo fences they have created. For example, consider a mining area with a blanket 40km/h speed limit.
  • Asset speed limits: customers can assign overall speed limits to different assets. For example, the buses in a fleet may be limited to 80km/h at all times.

The fleet manager can access a variety of outputs: reports, alerts, graphs, speeding map plots, and green/yellow/orange/red visual classification.

For more information on this feature:

  • Read this support article for a full description.
  • To see which countries we have local speed data for, see this article.
  • To find out how Telematics Guru can improve your fleet's safety and compliance, contact your local sales representative.
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