Tracking Tiger Fishing on Lake Kariba

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Tracking Tiger Fishing on Lake Kariba

EzyTrack uses the Oyster to monitor a Tiger Fishing Tournament on Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe

Digital Matter's Zimbabwean distributor EzyTrack provides tracking to an annual tiger fishing tournament on Lake Kariba. Each fishing boat is fitted with an Oyster Cellular 2G battery powered device. The tracking is used to monitor the safety of the fisherman and the fish. Thanks to EzyTrack for the images and information in this article.

Over the 3 days the fleet of boats travelled a total of 36'000 km. The maximum recorded speed was 109 km/h. And the most distance for 1 boat in a day was 209 km.

Fish safety was a real concern. A fish breeding area was off limits to the fisherman. The Oyster was used to catch some offenders. The organisers were surprised by how many points were logged in the out of bounds Geo-fence - just look at the plot below. That is each of the GPS points logged within the fish breeding area.

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