Our newest range of battery powered bluetooth tracking devices and sensors serve as Bluetooth Gateways, enabling local communication with other tagged assets and mobile devices.

The newly upgraded battery powered Remora2 gps tracking device can be attached to your high value assets, or concealed somewhere onsite. Our affordable and compact Guppy Bluetooth Tags can then be placed on lower-valued assets, like pallets, stocks and tools. Lower value assets generally don't require the same level of asset tracking capabilities - but they still need to be kept track of.

The Remora2 will track and monitor your high value assets, and when your employee's mobile phone or low value assets are in range of the device, their position will also be determined. 

Bluetooth tracking devices and tags are also perfect for managing multiple-work sites, where employees, high and low value assets are frequently on the move between locations.


    • Automatic stock count and control
    • Personal and/or commercial equipment tracking across multiple sites
    • Monitoring people and other assets into and out of known locations
    • Bin Location Tracking - Know when and where bins are dropped off and by which trucks
    • Trailer Tracking with automatic scanning of palettes on a trailer
    • Indoor location tracking
    Bluetooth Tracking Devices