Get in Touch G120

Hardwired Rugged GPS Tracker + Bluetooth Gateway + Iridium Edge Option


The G120 is a compact 2G or 4G Cat-M1/Nb-IoT GPS tracking device with a variety of inputs and outputs to cater for the most demanding applications.

With the internal GPS and cellular antennas installation is a breeze. The internal backup battery provides alerts and tracking operations even when external power is removed.


  • 24/7 Vehicle location   
  • Ignition + 6 Inputs and 2 Outputs
  • Driver ID: RFID, iButton, Wiegand
  • 3D Accelerometer
  • Internal Back-up Battery
  • (Bluetooth®) 5.0
  • Iridium Hybrid Option

Bluetooth Gateway

The G120 is equipped with a Bluetooth v5 module, enabling it to act as a Bluetooth Gateway.
Click here to read about Bluetooth enabled tracking, and the many solutions it can provide

Just a few of the applications:
  • Low-cost Bluetooth tags, like the Guppy Bluetooth Tag can be fitted to low value assets. When a tag is in range of the G120, it will report to it, and the location of the tag can be estimated. All without need for a SIM or data plan
  • The G120 can be installed in a truck cab, and the SensorNode Bluetooth® in the cargo hold to provide wireless temperate or other input (like if a door is open or closed) monitoring.

Iridium Hybrid Option for Lone/Remote Worker

The G120 can be connected to an Iridium Edge module via the G120 wiring harness. This enables a nearly plug and play option for out of cellular coverage tracking.
When in coverage the G120 will cellular data, but if it leaves coverage it will fail over and upload records via the Iridium network at a less frequent rate. Complete records are logged and saved to the devices flash memory, and when it returns to coverage all will be uploaded - giving accurate, turn by turn trip replays and reporting.

The devices can be paired with duress pendants and receivers. The receiver can be connected to the digital inputs on the device, which when activated can trigger SOS alerts, making the G120 a powerful lone and remote worker solution.