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Tiny Battery-Powered Asset Location Using Wifi Sniffing

We have been asked numerous times for a device that can be used to locate items indoors - where even the best GPS will not work - such as in a warehouse or basement. This version of the Yabby uses a Wifi 'sniffer' to scan for Wifi access points and the signal strength from each one. This information is then used to triangulate a position which is typically accurate to 100 feet / 30m in metropolitan areas. And this can all be done in typically less than 3 seconds, using a lot less power than a typical GPS fix.

This Wifi sniffing combined with the new low power capabilities of the LTE-CATM1 module allows us to shrink the design size down even smaller and use smaller AAA batteries.

Some use cases we have been asked for:

  • pallet tracking / location
  • beer keg tracking / location
  • bikes
  • animals
  • parcels
  • and many other ideas....
Yabby PCB LTE-CATM1 Wifi

The Yabby LTE-CATM1 device is currently in pre-production prototype testing and firmware development.
The expected ETA for commercial availability is August 2018.
Get in touch with us to express your interest in the product and to pre-order samples.