Asset Location & Recovery

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Our Telematics Guru - Asset Location and Recovery (TG ALR) platform provides key features from Telematics Guru, in a simple, easy to use package. All the features you need, and none of the extras you dont! Perfect for protecting your high-value assets against theft or simply misplacement.

What Makes Us Different.

Asset Information

Asset Information

Manage detailed Asset information, including installers & asset photos.



Locate any asset instantly with one click in real-time.



Set a movement alert when "anchoring" an asset on the Web or App.



Switch to Recovery Mode over-the-air for frequent asset location updates.

Asset Location & Recovery Software Overview Screenshots

Please take a moment to tour an overview of the ALR features by clicking through the screenshot tour below.

Live View

See all your stuff... all the time!

Asset List View

See and manage all your organisation's assets at a single glance!

Easy Asset Setup

Get started in seconds with our easy Asset Setup Wizard!

Detailed Asset Information

Capture detailed asset information with custom fields!

Asset Photo

Upload an identification photo of your asset and customise it's colour on map view!

Device installation details

Keep detailed device installation notes to assist with support queries!

Device Health Reports

Battery Life and connectivity in easy to read reports.

Asset List report

Output Asset reports in CSV, Excel, HTML and PDF!

Alert setup

Easy alert setup wizard for low battery!

Schedule reports

Quickly schedule reports with unlimited frequency and recipients!