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Easily integrate Battery-powered Asset Tracking with geotab

Geotab Resellers can now easily add battery-powered asset tracking and asset location solutions to their customers MyGeotab databases.
Digital Matter is the world-leader in battery-powered GPS tracking and the Digital Matter devices are now integrated with MyGeotab.

Earn extra revenue easily from your existing Geotab client base - offer tracking for trailers, waste bins, containers and all those "other" assets that the clients want to track.

Check out the Digital Matter page on the Geotab Marketplace website:


DM Devices on Geotab for Asset Tracking

Battery-powered GPS Devices

Digital Matter is the world leader in battery-powered asset tracking devices.
Devices that are ideal for tracking assets like:
  • trailers
  • containers
  • waste bins and skip bins
  • portable toilets
  • tools
  • boats and jetskis
  • parcels and packages
  • and many other items that don't have a power source.

Our devices include the following features:
  • long-life battery-powered GPS asset tracking / location with smart firmware
  • rugged, UV resistant IP67 housings - the devices can be concealed, even on the underside of a trailer
  • high performance GPS with low noise amplifier (LNA), tuned to give maximum performance even when signal conditions are tough
  • cellular devices with full FCC, PTCRB and AT&T approvals
  • smart firmware to maximize battery life - only get positions and report when really needed
  • the 3D accelerometer can monitor for movement and harsh events
  • extended temperature Lithium batteries can be used for tracking in cold climates
  • the Remora has a magnetic tamper switch which will alert if the device is removed from the asset
  • switch into "Recovery Mode" for live tracking and recovery of stolen assets

Remora on MyGeotab

WE've DONE the Integration

Digital Matter is a Geotab Marketplace Partner and we've integrated both our Remora and Oyster cellular tracking devices with Geotab.
Device registration and integration into MyGeotab is managed by the Digital Matter OEM Server. 
The OEM Server device management interface on the web makes device configuration easy and is done "over the air". This includes updating firmware, setting parameters for tracking, remote debugging and other device management functions. See our OEM Server page for more info.

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GET UP And Running In Minutes

We've taken care of all the integration details so you can be up and running in minutes.
Contact us now to get pricing information and to get going with a Starter Kit.


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