Asset Tracking

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GPS Asset Tracking Devices & Software

For assets of all shapes and sizes, onsite or in transit, real-time GPS asset tracking devices are the most effective way to ensure you always know where your property is.

Valuable equipment isn't always easy to locate, especially if you manage multiple properties or construction sites. Our range of affordable and powerful battery powered GPS asset tracking devices, OBD devices, and IoT sensors offer unbeatable battery life and industry-leading reliability. 

Award Winning & Versatile Device Range

There's a reason our award-winning GPS asset tracking devices are trusted by over 70 reseller channel partners across the world.

  • IP67 waterproof, dust and UV resistant housing for tracking in extreme environments
  • Our range of battery powered devices have industry-leading reliability and an average battery life of 5-10 years depending on the use case
  • Customised reporting gives you the complete freedom to track what you want, when you want

Understand Asset Usage & Critical Events

Our GPS asset tracking devices report on more than just where your asset is on the map.

  • Built-in battery meter for monitoring device health remotely
  • Devices can monitor asset uptimes, speed, temperature and more
  • 3D Accelerometers allow for Adaptive Tracking: devices can report frequently for assets that are usually on the move, or periodically for stationary assets
  • Also allows for High G-force event detection when assets are dropped or involved in accidents

Unauthorised Use Prevention & Maintenance Alerts

  • Setup custom geofences and breach alerts when assets are operating outside of assigned work sites or work hours
  • The use of magnets on some devices enable “tamper alerts” if a tracker is removed from the asset
  • Primary and secondary run hours and odometer readings can be used for scheduling maintenance jobs and reminders to protect your asset health


Locate & monitor assets remotely

Device management is made simple with our OTA Device Management Server and Telematics Guru Tracking Software. Remotely monitor all of your assets in one place, on desktop or via our mobile app.

Already have tracking software? We also integrate with existing platforms.