Soil Moisture and Crop Irrigation Monitoring with Goanna Ag

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Soil Moisture and Crop Irrigation monitoring
With Goanna Ag & Lorawan


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Two of the largest influences in the success of the yield of a crop is soil moisture and rainfall - a cotton crop that is under stress can lead to over $100 worth of losses per hectare/day (CSIRO). These factors can vary extensively depending on where your crop is located within your farm.

Crop yield prediction plays an important role in a farmer's annual crop production and profit. If farmers can make more informed decisions on various aspects of their farm's management, the productivity of the crop will be significant.



Connectivity has always been an issue for regional and rural areas of Australia as a result of the lack of coverage and the relatively high cost of connection. LoRaWAN networks are ideal for agriculture in these areas, due to the low cost of sending small amounts of essential data using very low power.

Goanna Ag’s roll-out of a publicly available LoRaWAN Internet of Things (IoT) network, supported by the National Narrowband Network Co (NNNCo), gives Australian cotton growers a smarter crop irrigation management solution.

Using LoRaWAN for smart farming



Our SensorData LoRaWAN is a rugged data communicator with GPS that integrates with a wide range of sensors.

  • Weather-resistant IP67 waterproof housing
  • SDI-12 Interface​I2C Interface, 2 x Digital Inputs, 1x Analogue Inputs  
  • Powered by 4 C Cell Alkaline Batteries or USB 5V Wall Socket for permanent power
  • Communicates over LoRaWAN Networks
Sensordata LoRaWAN


Our SensorNode LoRaWAN is a battery powered GPS with sensor inputs used for tracking and remote sensor monitoring applications.  

  • Weather-resistant IP67 waterproof housing
  • Up to 5 years battery life at once daily updates / 2 years of hourly updates
  • I2C Interface, 2 x Digital Inputs, 1x Analogue Inputs
  • Communicates over LoRaWAN Networks
Sensornode LoRaWAN

Goanna Ag uses the SensorData and SensorNode LoRaWAN with several different sensor integrations:

  • GoTank: Real-time megalitre water level
  • GoFuel: Easily accessible and valuable fuel level readings
  • GoField: real-time soil moisture profile and crop irrigation scheduling from GoSat
Goanna Ag using SensorNode and SensorData



Goanna’s GoSat analytics platform combines local weather data and forecasts with satellite imagery and powerful analytics using CSIRO created algorithms to forecast crop water use on a day-by-day basis.

Armed with powerful, easy-to-understand insights, field specific crop irrigation scheduling becomes a reality.

Goanna Ag GoSat Analytics


With low cost, low power and long-range sensors and networks, Goanna Ag, an Australian AgTech company, are delivering smart farming practices through data-driven solutions.

Breaking down the complicated hurdles between farmers and informative data enables a more productive resource management system.


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