Fuel Tax Credits (FTC)

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GPS for Fuel Tax Credits

ATO fuel tax credits (ftc)


Fuel Tax Credits provide Australian businesses with a credit for taxes paid on fuel when used for machinery, plant, equipment, heavy, and light vehicles. Claim amounts depend on a number of factors, such as type of fuel, when it is acquired, and what activities it is used on.

Telematics Data for FTC

  • To calculate fuel tax credits and support claim amounts, businesses are required to keep complete and accurate records.
  • Telematics data can be supplied to the ATO, minimising paperwork and guesswork while saving valuable time and money on bookkeeping and accounting fees.
  • If you can't support tax claims with records, businesses may have to repay all, or part of the fuel tax credits received by the ATO and may also incur penalties and other interest charges.


GPS tracking devices makes it simple to streamline fuel tax credit claims with the ATO.

Telematics reports provide full transparency and audibility, while saving businesses time and money.

Maximise FTC claims by reporting on exact movement, location, on and off-road usage and more to increase your returns.
Fleet Management Devices

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Prism for FTC