Driver Behaviour

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Driver Behaviour

why monitor driver behaviour?

Driver Behaviour is an important safety and cost saving measure. Driver behaviour alerts and reports help with Safety and Compliance, and enable you to get the most from your staff and assets.

Erratic driver behaviour can cause:
  • Accidents and injuries 
  • Increased wear and tear
  • Increased fuel and maintenance running costs
  • Poor PR if vehicles are branded and seen to have nuisance drivers 


What can we capture?

Using the acelerometer and smart algorithims, Digital Matter products can measure:
  • Harsh acceleration, braking and cornering 
  • Idle time 
  • Speeding
From these, we can generate Alerts and Reports providing the user evidence of vehicle abuse and poor working behaviour.


identifying events by driver

Being able to confidently apportion the blame to a driver / staff member, particularly where there are multiple drivers for many vehicles in the fleet is vital for:
  • Insurance liability purposes
  • Health and Safety compliance
  • Apportioning costs of repair to an individual
  • Providing evidence in legal situations
  • Re-educating staff with better driving habits
  • Acting as a deterrent to staff to abuse vehicles

Driver scoring reports

Telematics Guru offers some comparative Driver Scoring Reports to show driver behavour performance amongst colleagues.  This is useful in discplining staff or providing a deterrent and incentives for staff to behave better on the road while responsible for a company asset (and brand in most cases).
Driver Scoring