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the nirvana of unpowered tracking:  super long life and granular reporting

Most clients merely want 1 or 2 position updates per day and substantial battery life of 1-3 years when it comes to track and trace a container.   

But we all know the more a device moves, and the more it reports the lower the battery life.  This impacts the support cost of pulling assets off the road and replacing batteries, or even worse de-engineering the secure housing and then having to re-engineer it back into place.

Key features of our container tracking solutions are super long battery life up to 5 years or more, flexibility to choose adaptive tracking over periodic tracking (tracking by acelerometer movement as opposed to preset position update intervals regardless of movement).



key challenges with container tracking

Digital Matter's innovative battery powered trackers solve many of the traditional challenges around un-powered asset tracking such as:
  • Achieving useful battery life
  • Installation difficulties
  • Accurate reporting
  • Harsh environmental conditions
  • Rough handling
  • Tampering
Our unique techonology has addressed these challenges and provided the following:


  • Alkaline batteries, low cost and offering accurate usage status for punctual low battery alerts as used in the Remora

  • Lithium batteries providing extra energy in small packs like AA and AAA such as in the Oyster

  • Lithium-Thionyl-Chloride batteries (LTC) yielding 100% more energy than Alkaline and extreme temperature tolerance optional in the Remora
  • All field-replaceable for user convenience, no unneccessary "return to vendor" battery replacement requirement


  • The housings are professionally designed to achieve minimum footprint capability without compromising antenna performance

  • Traditional structurally engineering principles applied to the mesh structure of the housing for maximum strength and tolerance

  • UV protected polycarbonate case with multiple fastening options for screws, bolts, cable ties, or rivets
  • Compact form factor to easily fit within the channels on a container or in the recess of the pillars
  • IP67 rating ensures the devices can withstand fine dust, high pressure spray, submersion for 30 mins in 1 metre of water, and abnormal temps


  • Exponentially configurable device parameters such as Jostle Mode support a wide spectrum of applications to optimise reporting
  • Intuitive firmware libraries anticipate and eradicate many of the known challenges around asset tracking
  • Low Noise Amplifiers filter out the noise to enhance reporting accuracy even when tracker does not face the sky
  • Smart Power Management settings with Offline GPS Assist ensure quick "wake-up" and GPS fixes  - extending battery life  and improving your ability to track and trace containers



  • Remora (with optional LTC batteries and Anti-Tamper feature)

  • Oyster 
  • Remora D (2 x D-cell LTC batteries) - ETA Q2 2018