Rail Wagons

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Rail Wagon Tracking: The ultimate in "tough Tracking"

Perhaps one of the last truly difficult tracking applications.  Very challenging given the environmental conditions, temperatures, and constant excessive jolts.  An industry with highly regulated certifications, and infamously difficult to identify a good location on the wagon for a tracker.

Enter the Remora series of trackers, durable, known as the world leading long battery life GPS tracker, and ideally suited to tracking trailers and wagons.

The Remora has proved itself as a rugged and reliable tracker with versatile battery options (Alkaline and LTC), lasting up to 5 years at 1-2 positions per day or 2 years on adaptive tracking.

Q4 2018 will see the Remora 2D arrive (4G CatM1/NB1 comms, GPS location, and Bluetooth), super-long battery life from its 2 x D cell LTC (Lithium Thionyl Chloride batteries).
The Remora 2D will be able to provide hourly updates for up to 11 years!   Yes, that's right 11 years....



How does the remora 2d beat all competitors in the rail wagon space?

  • Ease of installation
  • Can be hidden on the wagon, even mounted on the underside
  • Can be mounted inside channels or pipe as long as there is a little space for the signal to get in
  • Super long life, less visits back to the workshop, less chances of product degradation from multiple openings for battery changes
  • Field replaceable batteries, energy efficient, working at extreme temperatures, very affordable and convenient
  • Easily moved from one wagon to another, no auto-electrician required
  • Granular reporting available or Periodic reporting
  • Not reliant on a wagon power source 
  • Tracking 24/7 rain, snow, wind or shine
  • Cheaper solution upfront as well as over the life of the asset

But let's get serious and talk Bluetooth.

The remora as a Bluetooth gateway 

The Remora 2D is not only a wagon tracker, but it can be a gateway too for Bluetooth tags.  Our Guppy Bluetooh will be ideal for this application, IP67 rated, 3-5 year battery life transmitting at 1-2 sec intervals.   Imagine the Guppy Bluetooth tag on a pallet or item of freight.  The client / transporter will know the latest position of the pallet as it will be talking to any of the Bluetooth-enabled Remora 2Ds on the rail wagons within range.   

This is LOW COST ASSET TRACKING at its best.


Digital Matter has mastered the art of Movement Based Tracking to provide the user a reliable service and maintenance method.  

Capturing hours of use or distance travelled is essential for wagon maintenance where it can easily be overlooked.  The Remora 2D tracker will work reliably uploading the data to the website for instant user access, as well as smart service planning tools.

By using the accelerometer to detect movement, and then smart algorithms to ascertain the asset is on a trip and not just being moved around a yard, we can confidently record distance / duration often to within 99.5% accuracy.

Movement Based Tracking is an ideal tool for our Scheduled Maintenance module in Telematics Guru, allowing operators to accurately manage their service and inspection intervals on actual data rather than estimates which can adversely affect wagon warranties and business workflow.