battery powered railcar
tracking solutions

Believe it or not, railway cars can occasionally get lost, which is why there is a need to track and monitor them using long-life battery powered GPS tracking devices

Given the changing environmental conditions and temperatures along with highly regulated industry certifications and difficulty in identifying an appropriate location for the tracker, railcar tracking can be quite challenging.

Railcar Usage & Critical Events

  • Battery powered tracking devices can monitor railcar locations, movement history, asset uptimes, speed, inactivity, temperature and more
  • Features Recovery Mode to enable immediate "live railcar tracking" in the case of unauthorised railcar movement or potential theft
  • High-G Force Event Detection for configuring asset misuse or abuse alerts
  • Createcustom geofences and breach alerts when a railcar is operating outside of assigned areas or hours
  • Run hour or odometer readings on devices can be used for scheduling railcar maintenance activities and reminders to protect asset health
GPS tracking Railcars


  • Features extended battery life and a Bluetooth® V5 Module for Bluetooth tag detection
  • 10 years of battery life at once daily updates/5-year battery life at once hourly
  • Powered by 2 x D Cell Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LTC) batteries with Built-in-Battery Life Meter for Remote Management (not reliant on a railcar power source)
  • Features Magnetic Anti-Tamper/Device Removal Alerts
Advanced Battery Powered Trackers for Railcars


  • Waterproof and dust-resistant IP67 Rated Housing
  • Engineered with UV resistant polycarbonate
  • New ultra-rugged nylon glass housings also available for superiour strength and durability
  • Easy Installation and concealable with multiple fastening options for magnets, screws, bolts, cable ties, rivets and more.
Concealable and weatherproof housing

bluetooth gateway

  • Railcar tracking with BLE involves a Bluetooth Gateway (such as the Remora2) and Bluetooth Tag (such as The Guppy)
  • Our industrial Bluetooth Tags or third-party tags can be placed on assets such as pallets, stocks and tools - anything that is being transported.
  • The client/transporter will know the latest position of their assets, as the device will talk to the Bluetooth-enabled Remora 2s within range
  • The gateway device reports a collection of information about the tag and sends to Telematics Guru or third-party tracking platforms
Bluetooth Gateway and Bluetooth Tag

TRACK & monitor remotely

Device configuration and management are made simple with our OTA Device Management Server and Telematics Guru Tracking Software.

Railcar tracking and monitoring can be done in one place, on desktop or via our mobile app.
Already have tracking software or an ERP?  We also integrate with existing platforms.
Track and monitor assets remotely using Telematics Guru


The Gisborne City Vintage Railway Society installed an Oyster2 to a carriage on the WA165, to publish real-time locations whilst out on excursions.

“The Oyster2 and Telematics Guru allows the location of the train to be monitored at any time, and also keeps records of the speed. This is especially important when the train approaches road crossings." - Gisborne City Vintage Railway Society.
Tracking the Gisborne City Vintage Railway