Remote Asset Tracking

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Keep track of your vehicles and assets even when they move out of GPS coverage with our Hybrid Cellular / Satellite GPS Trackers.


  • Tracking vehicles and assets in remote areas where GPS does not work, or monitoring assets that are frequently in and out of cellular coverage
  • Remote/Lone Worker Tracking
  • Enabling Duress / SOS Alarms in Remote Locations
  • Enabling "Man Down" Alerts in Remote Locations

how it works

  • The G120 is a hybrid 4G Cat-M1/NB-IoT wired gps tracking device that is installed into vehicles
  • It can also be fitted with an Iridium Edge ModuleLearn more about tracking with Iridium
  • When the G120 is within coverage it uses the cellular modem, which is much more affordable than Iridium airtime
  • When the device can no longer join the cellular network, it switches to the Iridium Network
  • The use of concurrent GPS/GNSS, Cellular and Iridium ensures assets are tracked anywhere in the world, even when the asset roams in and out of GPS coverage
G120 with Iridium Edge

Accident / Rollover Alerts

The G120 also uses its built-in Accelerometer to detect accidents, rollovers and harsh driving events.
  • Accidents are detected using 2D (horizontal) changes in velocity over 120ms
  • Roll overs are reported when the vehicle’s angle to the “normal” horizontal plane exceeds 60 degrees. 
  • Drop detection detects velocity changes in the vertical dimension. 
  • An immediate alert is sent to the server when an accident is detected, 
  • When the G120 is out of coverage and operating over Iridium, an accident alert is prioritised and will also be sent immediately
Lone Worker Duress Notifcations


The digital inputs on the G120 can be paired with a variety of duress/man down pendants (sold separately) for tracking lone workers in remote environments.
  • A simple "push button" can be wired to the G120
  • Wireless duress pendants can also be used, with the pendant receiver wired to the tracking device 
  • ​Telematics Guru Tracking Platform immediately sends out an email, SMS and live in-browser alerts and sounds to notify users of an incident
Duress Button for Remote Workers