Lone worker

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We know safety of staff is paramount, but how do we cater for unexpected events where staff are working on their own and an accident takes place?

If the individual is knocked unconscious, they don't have the ability to alert anyone.   If the accident is more serious, time is of the essence in what may become a potentially fatal event.


Benchmarks differ from country to country, in some cases between states, or in some cases between industries.   Ultimately, the culture of safety dictates the level to which an organisation will provide mechanisms to identify a lone worker emergency and the responsive actions.   Here are some examples of lone worker situations:
  • Factory worker doing a night shift
  • Maintenance worker on a high lift platform
  • Nurse making home visits
  • Farmer in their field
  • Geologist in the desert
  • Environmental officer in the forest
  • Lighthouse keeper
At some point everyone is a lone worker in some way or another.


There are a number of devices and solutions out there, generally dictated by the budget of the organisation as to how essential they see the situation.
Digital Matter has devices that can be installed in vehicles or equipment as trackers, but have the ability to take a SOS button or long range duress pendant.
The operator can press the button in the event of an emergency to alert the monitoring team.
Alternatively the vehicle can detect an impact or roll-over event and send an alert.

Digital Matter also has a custom design department that could look at enterprise grade man-down or Immobility solution if required.