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Arguably the main reason for GPS tracking the world over.  Recovery of STOLEN and LOST assets.

The Digital Matter devices are reliable and accurate, ideal for live tracking assets in the event of theft or generating an alarm to notify the owner / operator of an incident.


Digital Matter has perfected the current devices to provide reliable data in sometimes environmentally challenging conditions.  No products are created the same.
  • Smart algorithms optimising behaviour based on multiple event scenarios (often scoped by our clients in the field from experience)
  • In-line testers on the production line ensuring all devices pass critical performance tests prior to release
  • LNA - Low Noise Amplifiers that filter out "noise" to ensure a quick and accurate GPS fix even if the device is hidden on the asset
  • Offline GPSAssist - GPS aiding data, uploaded to the devices every week giving them the mapsets of the satellites above for instant fixes
  • Tier 1 branded quality modems, ultra-efficient antennas, and components that deliver performance foremost 
  • Special in-house designed IP67 housings (for the IP rated devices) providing the protection and rigidity for the devices to perform in any environment 
  • A genetic "design culture" than insists there is always more to squeeze, to finesse, to evolve out of our creations
And it does not stop there, we are investigating new technologies such as LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Networks) as well as innovative combinations such as WiFi Sniffing with Cellular, or GPS and LoRaWAN, or GPS / WiFi / Cellular, for solutions such as indoor tracking, inventory tracking, low value site equipment tracking, to name but a few.


Ideally we need the device to give advance warning of a theft whilst in action so that measures can be taken prevent the thieves from getting away with the asset.

The Digital Matter devices can sense movement or tampering and action an ALERT through the Telematics Guru platform.  These can be actioned by movement, or movement outside an authorised time zone (Curfew Alert), or an asset leaving a predefined Geofence.

Other theft deterrents are anti-tamper features such as "power loss" and "asset detachment" as found in the Remora, where the Remora can send an alert if it is removed from the asset.

We also have a "Movement Alert" feature on Telematics Guru on the platform and the mobile app.  A 1 button press alert tells the device to notify the next time it moves.

From this, the user can request "Recovery Mode", again a 1 button press on the mobile app, which tells the device to go into live tracking with 30 second reporting.


Every day Digital Matter's trackers are deployed to unusual use cases to ensure recovery of a lost or stolen asset.   To date we can mention a few that have captured our interest:
  • Livestock tracking
  • Endangered Species tracking
  • People tracking
  • Live organ tracking
  • Bottle waste tracking in waterways