Remote Alarms

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REMOTE alarms


Any notification or Alert could be classified as a Remote Alarm.   From a vehicle tracking perspective, we have covered the Vehicle Theft side in Stolen Vehicle Recovery but there is also the ability to set remote alarms for events of interest such as:
  • Theft
  • Movement
  • Un-authorised use
  • Asset tampering
  • Entry / exit into unauthorised areas
  • Temperature deviations
  • Tank level changes (significant ones)


The Digital Matter devices can be set up to send alerts via SMS, Email or Webhook (data straight into 3rd party control room monitoring software systems) based on preset events in the Tracking platform.   This form of instant alerting allows a client to immediately identify an unauthorised event and put in place counter measures to prevent it happening again, or securing the asset, or even better, catching the culprits.

Notifications are easily set up on Telematics Guru, and can be configured to be specific to some or all assets, users, time-frames, etc...



With a history of all the preset exception events captured, the user can run reports showing behaviour or trends of all events of interest.  These reports can then be used to re-educate staff or discipline staff.   In some cases, they may be used in court to remove troublesome employees or to defend / disprove liabilities.