Waste Management

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Waste management is a vital part of modern society. Whether you are monitoring your waste management fleet, tracking skip bins, portable toilets, recycling or e-waste, the way we handle our waste is becoming increasingly important as people become more aware of the legal, financial and environmental impacts of irresponsible disposal practices.

Battery powered tracking SOLUTIONS

Rugged and concealable battery powered tracking devices have a big part to play in managing waste. Whether you are a waste management service provider looking to track your fleet or assets, or a school, government program, or NGO/non-profit looking to gather data on the operations of recycling and waste management systems, durable and long-lasting battery powered tracking devices are vital in generating accurate and reliable reports.

Common Waste Management GPS Tracking Applications Include:


RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia are on a mission: to educate their community about the environmental and financial implications of littering.

Supported by the Victorian Government, 100 of our 4G Oyster2 tracking devices were placed into plastic bottles to explore how litter travels through waterways. Data from OEM and Telematics Guru is exported for use in RMIT’s custom-built tracking application “Litter Trackers."

Littering in the Name of Science

Featured on Nine News, The Oyster was placed into drinking bottles to help tell a story: 

Where does a piece of litter dropped actually end up?

The data collected is being utilised to introduce more efficient clean up procedures and preventive protocols.


The Oyster was also used by UN Funded Basel Action Network to track the illegal export of e-waste in Australia. Tracking the waste shipping containers provided valuable information, but BAN could not track the e-waste after it left the port.

They needed a tracking device with extremely long battery life, exceptional accuracy and was small enough to conceal in Hazardous Waste Equipment - CRT monitors, LCD monitors, and printers.

Using 35 Oysters, the team at BAN was able to reliably track the illegal export of two e-waste objects and report on the breach.
Tracking Waste Shipping Container

gps tracking software for waste management

Telematics Guru is our easy to use, feature-rich tracking platform.

- Live Tracking and Trip replays using Google Maps
- Create geofences (virtual boundaries) and set up breach alerts
- Customised reporting and alert configurations