LoRaWAN Temperature Monitoring Example

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LoRaWAN Temperature Sensor - SensorNode

Our Digital Matter SensorNode LoRaWAN device is a low-cost 'IoT node' that caters for a number of inputs and outputs.
Follow the link at the bottom of this page to see more info on the LoRaWAN devices.
One of the interfaces is I2C (pronounced "I squared C") - this is a common interface for a range of sensor chips.
Digital Matter has manufactured a rugged temperature probe that is low-cost, low-power and very accurate (without requiring any calibration).
This probe is ideal to locate inside fridges, freezers, reefers, and even strap to items that you want to monitor the temperature of. The metal 'bullet' housing transfers heat very well to the internal chip sensor, so the reaction time of the sensor is excellent.
See the picture below for an idea of what the temperature probe looks like.

Temperature Over LoRaWAN

We've mounted a SensorNode LoRaWAN outside the office for a long term test.
It has a Digital Matter Temperature Sensor attached.
It is reading the temperature every 5 minutes, and sending it via the Comsol LoRaWAN network, which is a public LoRaWAN network in South Africa. This could be any LoRaWAN network in the world, even your own private LoRaWAN network.

The device gets some morning sun, so we expect the temperatures to spike mid-morning.

SensorNode LoRaWAN

Sensor Data Demo Site

Most of our LoRaWAN devices are sold to system integrators, and we supply the full protocol / payload format for you to parse out the data you need.
Some people just want to evaluate the technology / device quickly, so we put together a simple demo web site that takes data from our devices and logs it, and allows you to graph the selected dataset over a period. 

We have a demo site here: http://sensordemo.digitalmatter.com. It simply graphs whatever we send it.

Office Test Device - check it out yourself if you want :)

The device serial is: 70B3D5705000057E.
The parameter is "Digital Matter I2C Temperature Probe 1 (Red)

Here's an example of the external temperature probe plot:

Sensor Data Demo Viewer