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SINCE 2001

Digital Matter has been pioneering the connected device space for nearly 18 years.   With a rich heritage in device design in the telematics space, our experienced engineers have delivered world class products to many GPS tracking companies around the globe.   

Most notably are the 500,000+ devices in the North American market alone.   Digital Matter also designed and delivered the highly successful RICA terminals to the networks in the South African market.


After 2012, identifying a niche requirement of high quality, high performance, yet reliable and affordable devices in the SME space, Digital Matter released its G range of trackers, with the G60 and G52 leading the pack.  This evolved into offering a end-user white label platform, Telematics Guru.

Since 2015, there has been rapid product development with the advent of further powered devices such as the Dart and G100, and our new battery powered range. 


The battery powered range has given Digital Matter the title of being the World Leader in Battery Powered Tracking.  With exceptional battery life, tracking accuracy and IP67 rated devices, Digital Matter has positioned itself as a true device innovator. 

Innovation has led Digital Matter to the IoT space, where LPWAN's (Low Power Wide Area Networks) are evolving rapidly into the global space.

IoT - the latest industrial revolution

2016 saw Digital Matter engage with Thinxtra in Australia to deliver the first quality Sigfox GPS asset tracker for the region, the Oyster Sigfox.   An initial order of 10,000 devices and a low-cost platform firmly planted Digital Matter into the IoT space.   Subsequent to that, Digital Matter has released a LoRaWAN version of the Oyster

Hot on their heels are the SensorData, SensorNode and Guppy devices targeting asset management in the industrial, commercial and agricultural arenas 

custom development

Digital Matter continues to offer custom design solutions for hardware, firmware and software.   Enterprise clients often require custom designs and features, which Digital Matter has delivered on in record time with short QA periods and minimal lead times to full production run from pilot units.