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6 compelling reasons to sell Digital Matter Telematic Solutions

As a business that spends every day developing solutions to customer problems, it's impossible to pin point the one most compelling truth we should tell you to explain just how committed we are to helping you solve your customers freight, fleet and logistics problems.

Telematics solutions to customer problems are varied and often complicated, and delivering the right solution, at the right price is our golden standard.

Like any good solution to a difficult problem, it is the sum of all the parts, not any one part, that differentiates it as the ideal. So we spend more time, more resources, and more energy designing and engineering each and every part to ensure our solutions deliver, but not just for today, that they continue to deliver into the future.

We would like to share the 6 most powerful characteristics that differentiate our solutions.

  1. Our extensive range of innovative devices. 
  2. Our fully integrated device management and tracking software. 
  3. Tested and proven solutions for every application and industry sector. 
  4. Our own hardware and software development team. 
  5. Quality certain and reliability assured means less support effort. 
  6. Our range facilitates access to new market sectors and competitive margins.

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1. Extensive range of innovative telematics products

Access to the newest, most innovative products out there means that you can establish your business as a leader in the minds of your customers.

Introducing your customers to latest offerings in the ever changing telemetry landscape will help establish your business as dynamic and Innovative.

Offering the latest hardware and mobile friendly software also means that you are able to tap into new market segments with zero R&D effort.

Our range of cutting edge devices and our fully integrated software interface offer more features, more efficiently and are more user friendly, meaning your customers, and prospective customers, are more impressed!

Check out our state-of-the-art Telematics and GPS tracking products.

Or find out about our integrated telematics software below...

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2. Fully integrated hardware and software

A seamlessly integrated hardware and software solution means that you do not have to suffer the "fiddle factor!"

Knowing that a solution is plug and play and works exactly the way it should the moment it is plugged in will benefit not only your business, but your customers businesses.

Less time fiddling is less time appeasing grumpy customers and more time selling the next solution!

Check out our fully integrated telematics devices and software systems.

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Fully Integrated hardware and software

3. Proven solutions for every industry sector

Our solutions were built to solve industry problems, and to solve them properly.

As an energetic, dynamic team we are agile and able to develop solutions to customer problems, and a solved problem is a certain sale!

Our stock solutions solve the major problems in just about every industry sector, opening endless opportunities for resellers looking for new sales avenues.

Would you like to contact us about a business problem that you need a telematics solution for?

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Provide solution for every industry

4. Willing, able and agile enough to build your solution

Every customer application has unique nuances and specifics so sometimes it is hard to use an off-the-shelf solution. This is where Digital Matter is really able to differentiate itself from other OEM and white-label manufacturers.

As the outright owner of our hardware and software solutions we can tailor and extend our products and software to resolve your customer requirements using our in-house, on-site development team.

Talk to us if you need a custom solution designed and built that really works.

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5. Quality and reliability means less support effort

Quality, reliable hardware and seamlessly integrated software that is proven means that the system just runs the way it should from start to finish!

This means that your business spends less time on support issues and more times on customer acquisition and satisfaction.

Our core philosophy of test, test and re-tested means every product in our range does the job without fail ensuring accuracy and certainty for your customers, and more time and peace of mind for your business!

Enquire about our quality systems, reliability testing, components and warranty.

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6. Better margins for your business

Our approach to helping your business grow better margins is three fold:

  • Acquire new customers due to our exciting new products and extensive range
  • Up-sell opportunities to existing customers and new industry sectors
  • Reduced support, integration and hardware replacement costs due to our reliable, tested, future proof and fully integrated solutions
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