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26th Oct 2018

Digital Matters Remora – Long Term Testing

Remora Testing - 3rd Year Anniversary of 2 Hour Uploads

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12th Sep 2018

Increase Margins

Six awesome tips to increase margins in your GPS asset tracking company, without having to make more sales*.

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7th Sep 2018

G62 4G LTE-M Online in USA and Australia

Our new rugged G62 GPS tracker is online on the 4G LTE-M networks in the USA and Australia

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16th Aug 2018

Man-Down/No-Movement Alerts

“Man-Down” is an innovative new feature on the Oyster and Yabby LoRaWAN® devices, which alerts users when an asset ...

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9th Aug 2018

Telematics Guru – Speed Limit Monitoring Dev...

Telematics Guru's speed limit monitoring features include local speed limit lookup, speed limit by geofence, and speed l...

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3rd Aug 2018

Digital Matter Guppy Now Reporting Tilt Angle

The Guppy LoRaWAN® now reports mounting angles, and changes in angles for fence, sign, and pole monitoring, which opens...

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30th Jul 2018

Digital Matter 4G Devices – What You Need to...

Our newest range of 4G devices uses 4G LTE Cat-M1 and NB-IoT technology, which offer great new benefits, especially for ...

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1st Jun 2018

GPS Devices are not Created Equal

One of the challenges we face is to explain to customers that in fact not all GPS devices offer equivalent performance d...

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