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27th Nov 2023

Remote Soil Moisture Monitoring

Learn how remote soil moisture monitoring can help farmers optimize irrigation, reduce water waste, and improve crop yie...

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14th Nov 2023

Returnable Asset Tracking

Learn more about our range of rugged and robust battery-powered GPS devices for returnable asset tracking and management...

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27th Sep 2023

Tank Level Monitoring with IoT

Create a remote tank-level monitoring system using IoT to monitor the level of fluids in tanks, such as water, fuel, and...

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18th Sep 2023

Introducing the Barra Range – Enabling Low-C...

The Barra is our new low-cost, low-power device range that enables affordable and flexible indoor/outdoor IoT asset trac...

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27th Aug 2023

GPS Security

Learn how GPS tracking can be used to track the movement of valuable assets to ensure their protection and safety.

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25th Jul 2023

Digital Matter Enables Worldwide Asset Tracking wi...

We're excited to announce the expansion of our battery-powered IoT asset tracking portfolio with the addition of 4G Cat ...

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25th Jul 2023

Understanding 4G Cat 1bis and 2G Fallback in Globa...

In this article, we explore the benefits of 4G Cat 1bis and 2G Fallback for global IoT asset tracking deployments.

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13th Jul 2023

Hawk IoT Data Logger Wins 2023 IoT Evolution Produ...

Digital Matter's Hawk IoT Data Logger Wins 2023 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award!

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