Improving ATM Security with GPS Trackers

Automated Teller Machines or ATMs often contain substantial amounts of cash, making them attractive targets for criminals seeking an immediate and significant payoff. Stolen ATMs can also be dismantled and individual parts sold, providing another source of profit. ATM security is crucial for financial institutes as they can be extremely vulnerable to theft and damage for several reasons: 

  • Accessibility: ATMs are designed to be easily accessible to the public, making them potential targets for theft. Their placement in public areas, including remote or less secure locations, can increase vulnerability. 
  • Cash Content: ATMs typically hold a significant amount of cash, which makes them highly valuable for anyone seeking immediate financial gain. The presence of cash in the machines increases the likelihood of theft attempts. 
  • Physical Security: While ATMs are built to withstand tampering and attacks, they can still be vulnerable to physical breaches. Criminals may employ various techniques, such as using explosives, cutting tools, or vehicles to forcefully remove the ATM from its location. 

To prevent these risks, financial institutions and ATM operators can implement an ATM security system using IoT. 


Benefits of Using ATM GPS for Security 

Financial companies and banks utilize ATM trackers for their machines for several reasons: 

  1. Theft Prevention: ATM security systems act as a deterrent for potential thieves. The knowledge that ATMs are equipped with an ATM tracker can discourage criminals from targeting these machines, as it significantly increases the risk of being apprehended. 
  1. Rapid Recovery: In the unfortunate event that a machine is stolen, ATM trackers can be switched into a recovery mode that enables the authorities to locate and recover the stolen machine quickly locate and recover the stolen machine. Real-time location information provided by GPS systems enhances the chances of a prompt response, increasing the likelihood of recovering the stolen ATM and minimizing financial losses. 
  1. Preventative Maintenance: ATM GPS devices allow financial institutions to monitor the status and usage of their ATM machines efficiently. They can track the machines’ locations, optimize cash replenishment routes, and ensure that ATMs are functioning properly. Preventative maintenance enhances operational efficiency, reduces downtime, and improves customer service. 
  1. Insurance and Risk Management: ATM security systems may be required by insurance providers as a risk management measure. By installing ATM trackers, financial companies and banks can demonstrate proactive efforts in mitigating theft risks, potentially reducing insurance premiums, and ensuring compliance with insurance policies. 

ATM trackers provide an added layer of protection for the machines by deterring theft, facilitating swift recovery, aiding in criminal identification, optimizing operations, and satisfying insurance and risk management requirements. 


Digital Matter Solutions 

Digital Matter’s battery-powered GPS trackers are ultra-rugged in their design with IP68-rated housing allowing them to perform to the highest level in the most extreme conditions.  

Our devices are engineered with a ‘deploy-once’ long battery life lasting up to 10+ years using off-the-shelf user-replaceable Lithium, Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LTC), or Alkaline batteries. Discrete and easy to conceal, ATM trackers can be easily installed for a comprehensive ATM security solution.   

All ATM GPS devices are designed for flexible configuration enabling banks and financial institutes to accurately monitor important data. Settings can be managed remotely for multiple devices to easily set configurations in bulk when provisioning. 

Several of our ATM GPS devices are also equipped with Indoor/Outdoor location-solving technology. Supporting multiple location technologies (GNSS, Wi-Fi MAC Address Scanning, and Cell Tower location), these devices are able to perform where GNSS-only devices fail, to accurately track ATMs indoors and outdoors or as they move between environments. 


Create Your ATM Security Solution Today  

Digital Matter’s ATM GPS trackers provide a comprehensive and reliable solution needed to enhance your ATM security. Get access to the technology and support to help you track what matters most to your business. Get in touch with us today to chat about our ATM security solutions! 

IoT Devices for GPS Security Tracking

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