GPS Tracking Solutions for Car Lot Management

What is IoT Car Lot Management? 

Car lot management involves the day-to-day operations, tracking, and monitoring of cars inside car dealership lots. Utilizing GPS trackers for car lots enables smart inventory management and reduces the likeliness of human error with automated reporting. Combining IoT technology with location tracking provides remote tracking and monitoring of cars on dealership lots, reducing wait time for customers, reducing the manpower needed to maintain inventory, and preventing theft and misuse of inventory. 


Key Benefits of GPS Devices for Car Lot Management 

There are many key benefits of incorporating GPS trackers into your car lot management solution. With millions of new and used cars being sold each year through car dealerships, comprehensive monitoring and management of these vehicles is crucial when they are being moved around the lot for test-drives, maintenance, and storage. 

Indoor/Outdoor Asset Tracking

GPS trackers for car lot management allow you to quickly pinpoint vehicle assets for indoor and outdoor use as cars move between maintenance, warehousing, and car lot storage locations. Immediately locate and retrieve an individual vehicle or set customized groupings of car dealer GPS tracking devices to find a set of cars amidst hundreds or thousands of inventory. 

Create Geofences

Enhance security before loss can occur with custom geofence GPS tracking for car lot solutions that allow fleet and car lot managers to set operational parameters around specific locations. Receive notifications in advance when an asset moves or leaves a custom set geolocation to prevent loss before it happens.  

Recover Stolen Vehicles

Our GPS trackers for car dealership inventory management can be covertly hidden inside vehicles and include a one-touch Recovery Mode feature. Once activated, Recovery Mode switches to real-time tracking with location reports every 30 seconds so cars and assets can be retrieved and recovered in the case of loss, theft, or unauthorized use. 


Battery-Powered GPS Devices for Car Lot Management 

Our GPS car lot trackers offer a wide range of connectivity, power, and features that enhance visibility for car lot management. With wired and battery-powered options, Digital Matter devices can provide a solution for every car lot tracking need. Utilizing an innovative end-to-end tracking system allows car dealership owners and staff to always be able to locate inventory. 

Combining GNSS, Cell Tower location, and WiFi location, car locations can be tracked regardless of whether inventory is indoors or outdoors. Enabling full visibility of cars despite their location creates an efficient dealership inventory management system. 

Our long-life, battery-powered GPS tracking devices offer a simple solution for smart inventory management. Wire-free installation allows car dealership GPS trackers to be installed in covert locations or on specific parts of the vehicle, with fast and straightforward removal to switch the device to new or different cars when needed. 

Digital Matter’s car lot tracking devices are powered by off-the-shelf user-replaceable Lithium, Alkaline, or Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LTC) batteries. They are specially designed with a ‘deploy-once’ long battery life, significantly reducing operational costs and maintenance costs for car dealerships. 


Start Tracking Your Assets Today 

Digital Matter car lot management trackers offer the technology, tools, and support you need to grow and protect your business. Get in touch with us today to discuss your car lot tracking needs! 

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