Portable GPS Trackers

Portable GPS trackers are devices that use GPS (Global Positioning System) technology to determine its precise location and transmit that information to a user’s mobile phone or computer. These devices are designed to be small, compact, and can be easily carried around, making them highly portable.  

Portable GPS devices are designed to have low power consumption making them more energy efficient than other forms of GPS tracking. 

Portable trackers are used by individuals and businesses for a variety of purposes, including: 

  1. Vehicle tracking: GPS devices can be fitted/placed on cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles to track their location. For fleet management and logistic purposes, this can be extremely useful in providing crucial insights about vehicle location and usage. 
  1. Asset tracking: Valuable assets can be monitored and tracked using portable trackers. This can assist in theft prevention and recovery. 
  1. Wildlife/livestock tracking: Portable GPS trackers can be attached to collars on wildlife or livestock, allowing us to track their whereabouts, ensure their safety, and even monitor their behavior. 

With their versatility and compact size, portable trackers have become increasingly popular in recent years and are an essential tool for successful business operations. 


Benefits of Using Portable GPS Trackers 

In situations where a vehicle or asset has no power, portable GPS monitoring devices are extremely beneficial. These devices are primarily used for passive tracking and offer a range of benefits to businesses. Portable trackers can increase productivity by allowing companies to locate the closest field vehicle quickly and re-route it to meet urgent customer needs. This, in turn, enhances customer satisfaction and creates opportunities for additional income.   

Portable GPS tracking is an essential tool for businesses that want to protect their vehicles and assets. By using portable GPS trackers, businesses can quickly locate their vehicles in the event of theft or loss. This not only reduces the time it takes to recover stolen vehicles but also minimizes the risk of vandalism. Portable GPS tracking devices provide real-time location updates, allowing businesses to track the movements of their vehicles and respond promptly to any incidents or issues. This technology not only helps businesses recover stolen vehicles quickly but also provides peace of mind that assets are being monitored and protected at all times. 

Portable GPS tracking also assists with inventory management, asset utilization tracking, administration paperwork reduction, maintenance management, and protection of employee health and safety. By analyzing data generated on typical routes, and businesses can redirect vehicles and maximize fuel efficiency. The ability to remotely monitor drivers enables businesses to identify and address unsafe or costly driving habits, leading to improved operational awareness. By providing deeper insights, portable trackers allow businesses to make more informed decisions regarding renting additional equipment versus redeploying current assets. Ultimately, businesses can choose what to monitor and how frequently to report, ensuring the devices meet their specific needs. 


Digital Matter Devices 

Digital Matter’s portable GPS trackers are powered by off-the-shelf user-replaceable Lithium, Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LTC), or Alkaline batteries and are engineered for a ‘deploy-once’ long battery life lasting up to 10+ years. They are ultra-rugged in their design with IP68-rated housing allowing them to perform to the highest level in the most extreme conditions. Discrete and easy to conceal on valuable assets, vehicles, and even animal collars, portable trackers can be easily installed for a wireless solution.  

All portable GPS devices are designed for flexible configuration that enables you to accurately monitor the data you need most, including adaptive tracking, which allows you to customize your update times and sleep mode for when the portable trackers are stationary to conserve battery power. 


Create Your Portable Tracking Solution Today 

Digital Matter’s portable GPS trackers provide the technology and support needed to track what matters most to your business. Get in touch with us today to chat about our portable GPS tracking solutions! 

Portable GPS Devices

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