Groundwater Mapping and Monitoring with the Hawk IoT Datalogger

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Transparently Mapping the World’s Groundwater Resources

The lack of accurate and accessible data is causing unsustainable groundwater use across the globe.

Founded in 2020, Watermappers aims to provide affordable real-time data for hydrological cycle modelling, groundwater mapping, and availability, to enable data-driven insights for farmers, government bodies, water corporations, and more.

The company believes that by making water data available to everyone, it can help identify and prevent global non-sustainable use and depletion, especially in areas where groundwater is a limited resource.


Groundwater Mapping and Monitoring with the Hawk IoT Data Logger

The Hawk IoT Data Logger plays an essential role in Watermappers’ operations, providing accurate and reliable data on water levels, quality, usage, and more.

The Hawk is a versatile and robust IoT data logger and sensor hub that is designed to support a wide range of sensor integrations. The device features a unique and flexible I/O Card Architecture that caters for plug-in cards that define the inputs/outputs, offering limitless options for interfacing to sensors such as SDI-12, I²C, 1-Wire, iButton, 4-20mA, RS-485, RS-232, Analog Inputs, Digital Inputs, Pulse Counting, Digital Outputs, Switched Power, and more.

Available in several power variations, the Hawk can be powered by a large internal rechargeable LiPo battery, connected to an external power source such as a solar panel or grid power, or powered by 2 x D Cell LTC batteries for a completely self-powered solution.

Utilizing the Hawk with an integrated Pressure Sensor probe, Watermappers installs the device in standpipes or wells to monitor water levels and temperatures in real-time. An I²C Conductivity Sensor is also utilized to measure salt and salinity in some locations.

With flexible platform integration options, water data is shown in a user-friendly dashboard designed by Watermappers, where users and stakeholders can see the current and past trends of groundwater usage. Long-term data series also give the best indications of the health of the aquifer. When it is no longer necessary to measure a specific standpipe or well, the Hawk can easily be moved to a new location.

Watermappers- preview of dashboard
Preview of highly customizable dashboard

“We are impressed by the Hawk’s technical capabilities, affordability, and design,” says Sjoerd Dijkstra, Founder and General Manager at Watermappers. “The device’s stable connectivity, ease of use, and ability to connect to different sensors have reduced the burden of scaling up operations.”

In addition, the Hawk’s low power consumption is particularly important for Watermappers’ remote operations, ensuring the device will perform for several years (depending on reporting rate and sensor integrations) without requiring battery changes and/or recharging.

“Digital Matter’s support and effort in building a customized groundwater mapping solution have been crucial to Watermappers’ operations,” says Mr. Dijkstra. “We have already dealt with various challenges, but Digital Matter’s flexibility and ability to pivot have been essential in overcoming these challenges.”


Critical Groundwater Insight Made Affordable

Affordable and accessible water level and temperature data is only just the beginning. Watermappers is currently developing a truly actionable groundwater map that combines multiple parameter data (conductivity, PH, arsenic, and more) and real time, affordable aerial groundwater scanning and satellite data.

While groundwater is Watermappers’ primary focus, real-time water level data sensors can also be installed in piping in lakes, rivers, and ponds to serve as an early flood warning system for relevant officials or the public at large.

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