SensorData LoRaWAN®

Tech Specs


LoRaWAN® Highly sensitive radio receiver is available in 868 or 902 – 928MHz versions for global LoRaWAN® connectivity.
External SMA connector fitted and elbow antenna supplied as standard. A high gain antenna can be sourced and fitted if desired.
LoRaWAN® Regions AU915



User-Replaceable Batteries 4 x C
Supported Battery Types Alkaline



Module uBlox SAM8-M8Q GP
Constellation Concurrent GPS / GLONASS
Channels 72 Channel High Sensitivity Receiver
Tracking Sensitivity -165dBm tracking performance
Low Noise Amplifier GPS signals are boosted by a unique low-noise amplifier (LNA) allowing operation where other units fail
LoRaWAN Gateway Geolocation Fallback LoRaWAN gateway geolocation fallback when there is no GNSS



Input Voltage Flexible Power Options:
4-6V DC (max)
4 x C Cell Battery holder fitted.
Screw terminals for line power.
Sleep Current <10uA*
*Average current in lowest power configuration



Dimensions 183 x 145 x 40 mm (7.2 x 5.7 x 1.57″)
Weight 579 g (20.42 oz)
Housing ABS Polycarbonate Plastic
IP Rating IP67 rated housing ensures device can withstand fine dust, high-pressure spray, submersion for 30 mins in 1m of water, and extreme temperatures
Installation Multiple installation options for covertly and easily securing the device to assets with screws, bolts, cable ties, rivets, and more. Caters for a number of cable glands (2 fitted as standard) to allow for waterproof cable entry to the housing.
Operating Temperature -20°C to +60°C
GPS Antenna Internal
Diagnostic LED Diagnostic LED signifies operation status



Analog Inputs 1 x 0-30V Analog Input,
Auto Ranging, 12-bit ADC
0-5V range: 1.22mV precision
0-30V range: 7.32mV precision
Digital Inputs 2 x Digital Inputs with configurable pull-up/down
0-48V DC input range
On/Off thresholds:
Pull-up enabled: low at 0.8V, high at 1.0V
Pull-down enabled: low at 2.0V, high at 2.4V
Can be used for pulse counting.
I²C I²C (inter-IC communications) is an interface commonly used in sensor modules
SDI-12 Features SDI-12, commonly used in agricultural sensors and measurement devices for soil moisture probes, temperature, electrical conductivity (EC) of soils, water levels/pressures, other SDI-12 probes, and sensors.
Switched Power Out Used to control the 3.3V power to external sensors and peripherals. Load limited and short circuit protected.
Switched Sensor Power Sensor Power (Vout)
Used to control the battery power to external sensors and peripherals. Load limited and short circuit protected.
6V or boosted 12V supply (configurable via jumper on PCB)



Environmental Monitoring Interface with a range of sensors such as temperature, humidity, moisture, depth, and more



Flexible Configuration Configure sensors and polling rate
Configuration App Manage device firmware updates and parameters via a USB configuration cable and app. Some parameters can be changed via downlink.



Third-Party Integration Easy integration with comprehensive documentation and a flexible and open payload format



Temperature Probe Temperature Probe
Temperature and Humidity Probe Temperature and Humidity Probe



Data Security LoRaWAN® networks use AES-128 Encryption so your data is protected



Manufacturer’s Warranty One year manufacturer’s warranty



Please contact us for a full list of compliance specifications and documentation for your region. ACMA (DoC), CE (DoC)

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