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13th Feb 2019

Start Testing Yabby WiFi Location Sniffing

Start testing the Yabby WiFi battery-powered tracker with WiFi location tracking to manage assets indoors where even the...

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30th Jan 2019

New LoRaWAN® Stack for Digital Matter Devices

Digital Matter is pleased to announce their new LoRaWAN® stack is in final testing and will be released by MWC Barcelon...

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7th Dec 2018

Temperature Sensor Recording with the SensorNode L...

The SensorNode LoRaWAN has been recording the temperature during the Johannesburg heatwave - 70'000 readings for about 5...

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20th Nov 2018

Tracking Tiger Fishing on Lake Kariba

Ezytrack uses the Oyster 2 2G battery-powered asset tracking device to track fishing boats for monitoring the safety of ...

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13th Nov 2018

Waste Management GPS Tracking Devices

Durable, long-lasting battery-powered GPS tracking devices can provide the accountability needed in recycling operating ...

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26th Oct 2018

Digital Matters Remora – Long Term Testing

Remora Testing - 3rd Year Anniversary of 2 Hour Uploads

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16th Aug 2018

Man-Down/No-Movement Alerts

“Man-Down” is an innovative new feature on the Oyster and Yabby LoRaWAN® devices, which alerts users when an asset ...

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3rd Aug 2018

Digital Matter Guppy Now Reporting Tilt Angle

The Guppy LoRaWAN® now reports mounting angles, and changes in angles for fence, sign, and pole monitoring, which opens...

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