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19th Dec 2019

Paessler BitDecoder Template Live

Integrating our Sigfox devices just got easier with Paessler BitDecoder.

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20th Nov 2019

Qantas and Blackhawk IoT Deploy Oyster Sigfox for ...

Thousands of Qantas “below-the-wing” assets (Buses, Baggage Tugs, Baggage Barrows, etc.) are tracked and connected v...

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28th Mar 2019

NB-IoT in 2019: What is it and What Can We Expect?

We’re keeping a close eye on the development of NB-IoT this year; backing of GSMA and cellular networks, deployment st...

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18th Oct 2017

The Oyster Sigfox Arrives at the Sigfox World IoT ...

Digital Matter recently attended the Sigfox World IoT Expo, where we showcased a number of devices, including the Oyster...

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