Simplifying Fuel Tax Credits for Australian Businesses

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Digital Matter has partnered with PRISM, market leaders in precision GPS analysis to simplify and automate ATO Fuel Tax Credits (FTC) reporting for Digital Matter device distributors and users.

What is FTC?

Fuel Tax Credits provide Australian businesses with a credit for taxes paid on fuel when used for machinery, plant, equipment, heavy, and light vehicles. Claim amounts depend on several factors, such as type of vehicle and fuel, when it is acquired, where it is used, and what activities it is used on.

Telematics Data for FTC

To calculate fuel tax credits and support claim amounts, businesses are required to keep complete and accurate records. ​

If you can’t support tax claims with records, businesses may have to repay all or part of the fuel tax credits received by the ATO and may also incur penalties and other interest charges. Telematics data can be supplied to the ATO, minimizing paperwork and guesswork while saving valuable time and money on bookkeeping and accounting fees.

On-road vs. Off-road Rebates

Businesses can claim fuel tax credits for eligible fuels used both ON and OFF public roads, including private roads, work sites (construction sites, mines, etc), and agricultural properties.

While many businesses already regularly claim FTC, many are only claiming the standard on-road rates (16.0 per liter), as calculating public vs private usage is difficult. Off public road rebate rates are higher (41.8 per liter), but advanced mapping software such as PRISM is usually required to accurately differentiate between road-types.

The potential savings for businesses are staggering: A fleet of 50 heavy vehicles operating 4-5 hours per day on private roads can save over an estimated *500k per annum at 0.48 per liter. FTC savings of this amount more than justify the cost of implementing tracking devices. *Be sure to check ATO rates or use their Fuel Tax Credit Calculator.

Saving Businesses Money

“MSS Security has been a customer of Digital Matters for over 3-years with our fleet of over 100 operational vehicles tracked nationally for location monitoring and driver safety. With a high percentage of our vehicles in regional and remote locations such as mines, education facilities, and defense bases Digital Matter vehicle tracking and monitoring is a critical part of our service delivery capability. The ability to now utilize this data to accurately and efficiently calculate Fuel Tax Credits is yet another valuable component of Digital Matter’s offering to MSS Security.”

– Kevin McDonald, General Manager, Business Improvement

About Prism – Automated, Precision GPS Analysis

By combining a powerful purpose-built analysis engine and easy-to-use web tools, PRISM allows fleet operators to extract more value from their telematics data to:

  • Improve cash flow with automated and precise FTC analysis
  • ​Maximize claim values with on public road vs off public road fuel use reporting
  • Save time and money on claims processing and admin
  • Understand what really drives the cost to optimize operating logistics

How does PRISM work with Digital Matter Devices?

Telematics data collected from Digital Matter devices can be split, meaning the data is sent to both Telematics Guru and third-party apps or platforms.

Benefits to Digital Matter Channel Partners

  • Diversify your product portfolio by offering FTC Reporting
  • FTC savings for businesses can justify the cost of implementing tracking devices
  • Additional Revenue Stream for your business – We see tracking companies charging anywhere between $5 – $25 per month, per device, for FTC reporting services
  • Can use FTC in promotional and marketing materials with Risk-Free Trial
  • Currently, the ATO also allows companies to back-claim up to 4 years based on their current usage at similar rates, providing they can show consistent patterns of fuel usage

Recommended Devices for Fleet Management & FTC

Our GPS tracking devices for fleet management include Plug and Play OBD devices, powered devices, and battery-powered devices.


Bolt OBD – Affordable Plug + Play GPS
Dart2 – Hardwired GPS with customizable Inputs + Outputs for Driver ID, Remote Immobilization
G62 – Hardwired waterproof and dust-resistant GPS with customizable Inputs + Outputs for Driver ID, Remote Immobilization
G120 – Hardwired or battery-powered GPS with customizable Inputs + Outputs for Driver ID, Remote Immobilization, Bluetooth 5.0 Gateway (learn more about tracking with Bluetooth) and optional Iridium Edge for tracking in remote environments


Oyster2 – Waterproof and dust-resistant battery-powered GPS tracker with up to seven-years of battery life at once-daily updates / one-year battery life at once hourly updates.
Remora2 – Waterproof and dust-resistant battery-powered GPS tracker with up to ten years of battery life at once-daily updates / five-year battery life at once hourly updates + Bluetooth 5.0 Gateway (learn more about tracking with Bluetooth).

For more information on the future of FTC reporting in the world of EVs check out this great post by Co-founder & CEO of Nuonic Sebastian Jezierski – How much do you pay to use the roads?

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