About Us

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Since 2001 Digital Matter has developed award-winning GPS and IoT devices for a wide range of applications. We are celebrated for our outstanding quality, industry-leading reliability, and turn-key solutions. 

With a rich heritage in device design in the telematics space, our experienced engineers have delivered world class products to many GPS tracking companies around the globe.


Ken is an Electronics Engineer with a passion for embedded device, firmware and software design and development. He founded Digital Matter in 2001 and has grown the business rapidly, building on Digital Matter’s goal of delivering reliable, quality products at competitive prices, living by the Digital Matter mantra “engineered to outperform.”

Outside of Digital Matter, Ken enjoys playing tennis, cycling, boating and fishing.

Adrian joined the Digital Matter team in 2005 as a hardware engineer, working on over 60 prototyping and research and development projects early in his career. As Technical Director, he is often travelling across the world guiding the development and deployment of Digital Matter hardware.

When not keeping up with the latest technology trends, Adrian enjoys running, cycling, and spending time by the sea.

Marc re-joined Digital Matter in 2009. Although he studied electrical engineering, he has spent the bulk of his career honing his software developments skills. This has allowed him to be exposed to a multitude of different business sectors.

A keen problem solver by nature, Marc can often be found obsessing over the best solution or approach. When not in the office, he enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Stuart joined the Digital Matter team in 2016, bringing over 20 years of IT, telematics and asset tracking experience. He has owned, franchised and consulted with tracking companies across the globe. Always keen for a challenge, Stuart is passionate about growing businesses from humble beginnings with an entrepreneurial flair.

When not evangelising the tracking world, Stuart is a keen hockey player, a ski tragic, family man, infamously known for his homemade peanut butter, and loves relaxing out on the farm with his Alpacas (which he tracks!).

Andre joined the Digital Matter team in May 2017 with a passion for sales and technology. With over 15 years of experience in sales, his career has allowed him to explore many different countries throughout Africa and Europe. When Andre isn’t learning about new tracking technologies or chasing “the next big deal,” you can find him bass fishing and spending time with his family.

“A positive attitude and an open mind are true characteristics of all good fisherman” – Kevin VanDam

Matt H joined the Digital Matter team in 2017 before moving to the US with his family to begin a new adventure. With nearly 20 years of experience in Technology Sales and Sales Training throughout Africa and the Middle East, Matt is passionate about sales, customer experience and driving rapid business growth in the United States.

When not working, he enjoys travelling, exploring the outdoors, mountain biking, cooking, family time, and fixing up his ’74 Ford F100.

Matt C joined Digital Matter as a Technical Support Engineer in 2017 after graduating with a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He is passionate about helping users to improve their understanding of technical concepts, skills and knowledge, so they can utilise technology to its fullest potential. In his spare time, he enjoys sailing, cycling and going to heavy metal shows.