Device Manager

Manage your connected devices remotely and at scale

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Device Manager is our cloud-based Device Management Platform that provides visibility and control over your Digital Matter devices, serving as a crucial layer in the overall management of your IoT asset tracking, telematics, or sensor monitoring solution.

Streamline Device Management

One platform to provision, monitor, and update your connected devices

Go-to-Market Faster

Launch competitive value more quickly

End-to-End Security

Security-by-design ensures your solution is secured and compliant

End-User Satisfaction

Provide the latest features and services to your users and monitor device performance


Configure Device Settings

Manage device settings over-the-air effortlessly. Create and manage templates to easily set configurations on multiple devices in bulk when provisioning.


Effective Debugging

Turn on advanced device debug logs to quickly and effectively resolve issues.

Device Integration Tools

Forward device data to your server via HTTPS or TCP. Convenient debugging features to assist with integration.

View Shipment History

Review device details (serials, IMEIs, etc.,) from all previous orders. Configure devices before they are delivered for faster deployments.



Data is sent over an AES-256 encrypted connection. This ensures the integrity and authenticity of all data. Data can then be sent via HTTPS to the end platform for complete end-to-end encryption.


View Server Logs

View live server logs or a history of the last interactions with your server, including the response and any error messages to aid in integration.

Update Firmware

Apply firmware updates to access new device features over-the-air and in bulk.


Configure device data to be forwarded to multiple endpoints simultaneously so that you can view in multiple systems.

Installation Tools

Installer Page allows for quick health checks to be performed (last connection, last GPS fix, status of inputs) to check an installation was done correctly


Many functions can be performed via API calls, such as setting parameters and connectors, enabling device control and provisioning to be handled by a 3rd party server.

Support Headphones and mouthpiece

Technical Support and Guidance

By leveraging Device Manager, our support team can analyze comprehensive device logs and promptly address queries, eliminating the need for manual extraction from your database.

Configure and Customize

Efficiently manage a comprehensive set of Bluetooth asset tracking parameters, including location reporting frequency, movement-based events, accelerometer settings, and more.

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