Over-the-Air Device Management

Manage, monitor, and update your connected devices at scale.​

Maximize the Value of Your Hardware

Device Manager is our cloud-based Device Management Platform that provides visibility and control over your Digital Matter devices and ensures that they continue to perform at their best for longer.

Customize for Your Use Case

Take control of over 200 device settings to fine-tune performance for your use case.

Monitor and Troubleshoot Quickly

Minimize downtime and improve end-customer satisfaction.

Keep Devices

Update device settings, firmware, and security enhancements over-the-air.

Maximize Performance

Utilize advanced
 functionality such as GNSS Aiding Data to improve device performance.

Secure Your Solution and Scale

AES-256 Encryption and Authentication
 keeps data secure.

Complete Visibility

View all your devices and make updates in bulk. Create and manage parameter templates to provision devices quickly and at scale.

Device-Level Clarity

View critical diagnostic data to debug and resolve issues at the individual device level.

Parameter Management

Digital Matter devices are highly configurable via Device Manager, providing control over a robust range of settings to fine-tune performance for your specific use case.

Templatize parameters to apply settings in bulk and remotely push updates, ensuring your hardware adapts to the evolving needs of your deployments.

Remote Installation Tools

The Installer Page allows for quick health checks during device installation to verify device performance. Remotely confirm connection, last GPS fix, battery level, status of inputs/outputs, and more.

Device Manager Features

Configure Device Settings

Access a comprehensive library of device parameters to optimize performance across industries and applications.


Monitor Device Health

View critical diagnostic data to debug and resolve issues at the individual device level.

Resolve Location Scans

Modern IoT devices leverage multiple location technologies – not just GPS. ​We have the firmware and server-side Location Engine framework in place and ready for use.​

Single-Sign On

Single Sign-On (SSO) offers secure and centralized system access management to ensure operational security and compliance.

Reduce On-Site Install Errors

Remotely confirm connection, last GPS fix, battery level, status of inputs/outputs, and more with our Remote Installer Page.

Manage Updates OTA

Update device parameters, firmware, and security enhancements over-the-air without physically plugging into, retrieving, or replacing devices.

Enhance Device Performance

Securely sync GNSS Aiding data with devices and leverage robust asynchronous messaging architecture and API to send commands.

Manage Users and Access Control

Create and manage user profiles, including defining what users can see and what they can control according to their roles.

Send Data Anywhere

Send data to your server through HTTPS or TCP, monitor server logs and past interactions, and easily configure device forwarding.

Technical Support and Guidance

Receive expert and expediated debugging and ‘best practice’ guidance for your deployments.

Device Parameter Examples

We provide access to a comprehensive range of device parameters, giving you the flexibility to rapidly test, optimize, and deploy.


Tracking Behaviors

Update Rate, Tracking Mode, Movement Detection, Accelerometer Settings, Scheduled Uploads, Inactivity Timer


Universal Tag and Sensor Integration, Bluetooth Scanning Frequency and Upload Behavior, Update on Sensor Values or Events

Recovery and Tamper Detection

Live Tracking and Logging Intervals, After-Hours Movement, Tamper Alerts

Location and Accuracy Settings

Accuracy Requirements and Filtering, GPS Timeout Behavior, Location Technology Types

Condition Monitoring

Impact Detection, Tip Detection, Rotation Counting, Run Hour Monitoring

Fleet Management

Accident Logging, Driver ID, Harsh Driving, Driver Fatigue Alerts, Idle Monitoring, Speed Reporting, Asset Immobilization, Geofence Behavior, In-Cab Feedback

Inputs/Outputs and Peripherals

Analog, Digital, I/O Thresholds and Alerts, Upload Behavior Based on I/O Values or Events, Task Management, Universal Peripheral Integrations, Peripheral Control

Network Settings

APN Settings, Network Selection and Preferences, Band Selection or Masking, Network Registration Timeouts

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