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We work closely with businesses to create reliable and cost-effective turn-key IoT solutions.

Innovate with Confidence

We design and manufacture custom solutions at scale for some of the largest GPS tracking and IoT companies in the world.

Validated Reference Design

Take the best of what we have learned in our decades of experience by customizing existing high-quality reference designs.

Design for Manufacturing

We design to simplify and optimize the manufacturing process to produce scalable products at a lower cost.

Design for Certification

Testing and certification services to meet regulatory, safety, and compliance standards anywhere in the world.

Design for Durability

Every single device we manufacture is rigorously tested at the component and final product levels to ensure maximum reliability and durability.

Firmware and Integrations

Save time, money, and accelerate time-to-market by adapting our current range of devices to fit niche applications with custom firmware and sensor integrations.

Previous Work


Sensor for Power Line Sag Detection

The custom-developed Industrial Guppy is installed on overhead power lines and monitors the line’s angle and surrounding temperatures. When snow or ice accumulates on the line to dangerous levels, the sensor sends an alert to utility network operators ensuring snow clearance before infrastructure damage occurs. Compact and ultra-rugged, the battery-powered position sensor features over 10 years battery life and is designed to operate in extreme temperatures (-40 °C – +125°C).

GPS Tracking Device

Connecting Reindeer in Finland

Securing devices to semi-wild reindeer and tracking herds over 120,000 km2 in a rural area with limited GPS coverage posed a challenge. Custom collar housing was designed and manufactured to secure our Yabby LoRaWAN to thousands of reindeer across Sweden and Finland. Custom “Reindeer-Down” firmware was also developed to alert herders if the reindeer stopped moving for a specific amount of time, to aid in recovery.

SensorData Sigfox

The SensorData Sigfox is an advanced, IP67 weatherproof datalogger custom-designed for extremely low power operation on the Sigfox 0G Network. Incredibly versatile, the SensorData features both SD-12 and I2C Interfaces, optional GPS, and flexible power options (powered or battery-powered) to fit hundreds of remote sensor monitoring applications.

GPS Logbook

Partnering with GPS Log Book in South Africa, we developed low-cost, user-friendly GPS hardware and intuitive software to take the hassle out of keeping an accurate, detailed, and SARS-compliant logbook. The first GPS Log Book prototype was developed in 2010 and the GPS Log Book Classic was officially launched in South Africa in November 2011.

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