Location Engine

Cloud-based location solver and data enrichment engine

Simplify Edge device
integration and management

Bring the power savings of cloud-based location solving to your asset tracking solution with Digital Matter’s new Location Engine.


Location Engine eliminates the complex development work and technical systems required to integrate, optimize, and secure your cloud-based asset tracking solution.

Device Management

Securely provision, monitor, and remotely manage Edge devices over-the-air at scale.

Customize Location Services

Enable and disable location services and select between providers to find the right balance between accuracy, battery life, and cost.


Forward Error Correction

Robust and reliable data transmission with built-in redundancy for uplink and downlink messages on LoRaWAN® networks.



Military-level encryption to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your telematics data from device through to your endpoint.

Location Solver

Resolves GNSS scan data to locations and manages Wi-Fi Access Points, Cell Tower timing data or LoRaWAN® Geolocation lookups in the cloud (versus on-device) for significant power savings.

Optimized GNSS Scanning

Efficient almanac file updates with estimated position and time reference to maximize the accuracy and performance of GNSS scans.

Faster Integration

Easy Edge device integration without having to develop complex data-enrichment or device management processes.

Location Engine Resources

Location Engine Overview

Learn more about how location data on Edge devices is sent, received and solved on Cellular and LoRaWAN® networks.

> Location Engine – Key Concepts

Edge vs Traditional GPS Devices

Digital Matter’s new range of Edge battery-powered asset tracking devices utilize GNSS, Wi-Fi AP MAC Address Scanning, and Cell Tower or LoRaWAN® geolocation for indoor and outdoor asset tracking and monitoring applications.

With Edge devices, the location processing workload is now handled in the cloud. This is different from traditional GPS tracking devices, where the location processing workload is handled on-device.

By moving the location processing workload to the cloud, Edge devices are able to achieve anywhere between 5-10x the battery life of traditional GPS devices.

> Learn more about Edge versus traditional GPS tracking devices

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