IoT Data Logger

Build a smarter IoT sensor monitoring system with our integration-ready and globally scalable IoT data logger.  

Solutions for Every IoT Sensor Monitoring Application

Build a smarter IoT sensor monitoring solution with our integration-ready IoT Data Logger. The Hawk is our robust plug-and-play IoT data logger and sensor hub for cellular LTE-M/NB-IoT networks designed to support an extensive range of sensor integrations.

Hawk - IoT Evolution Product of the Year 2023

The Flexibility to Build What You Need

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Choose Your Sensors

The versatile Hawk architecture caters for plug-and-play I/O Cards that define the 9 inputs/outputs, offering limitless options for interfacing to sensors.

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Choose Your Power

Power the Hawk with a large internal rechargeable LiPo battery, external power including solar, or 2 x D Cell LTC batteries.

Choose Your Housing

Select from our ultra-rugged Hawk housing options or build your own.

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Choose Your Endpoint

Securely send data to any end platform via TCP Direct or HTTPS Webhook.

IoT Data Logger Solutions for Every Application

Tank Level Monitoring - header image

Tank Level and Quality Monitoring

Manage tank levels and quality through wireless IoT sensor monitoring to gain real-time information about fluid levels, temperature, and pressure. Accurately monitor to prevent overfilling or underfilling of tanks to reduce the risk of spills or equipment damage.

High Value Equipment Application

Weather Stations

Collect critical weather information with the IoT data logger to build a smarter and more efficient weather station. Capture real-time data on temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind speed and direction, cloud cover, atmospheric pressure, and more with accurate IoT sensor monitoring.

Rental Equipment Application

Water Management and Metering

Manage water supplies and metering through IoT sensor monitoring. Ensure adequate water supplies are available during periods of high demand or emergencies.

Pump Management

Remote Pump Management

Efficiently monitor and manage geographically dispersed pumps using our IoT data logger. Gain valuable insights into asset performance and streamline operations from a centralized platform.

Soil Moisture Monitoring - header image

Soil Moisture and Quality Monitoring

Monitor soil moisture levels to optimize irrigation, reduce water waste, and improve crop yield. Make informed decisions about when and how much to irrigate and when to conserve water using IoT sensor monitoring technology.

Cold Chain Management

Pulse Counting

IoT sensor monitoring devices for pulse counting to accurately measure and log events such as the frequency of water flow, energy consumption, or any other event that can be quantified by pulses.

IoT Data Logger Device Features

Battery with black charge

Multiple Power Options

Power with a large internal rechargeable LiPo battery, external power including solar, or 2 x D Cell LTC batteries. Our IoT Data Logger can also supply power to external sensors. 

Calendar and clock icon

Powerful Task Management

Powerful onboard task management allows you to schedule tasks or run tasks based on sensor thresholds and events, even when out of cellular coverage. 

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Ultra-rugged and waterproof IP68-rated device housings developed and tested to withstand rough environments, impact, fine dust, and brief submersion. 

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IoT Loggers cater for plug-and-play I/O Cards that define the 9 inputs/outputs, offering limitless options for interfacing to sensors. 

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GORE® Vent

Allows for pressure equalization while protecting against water and dust ingress.

Bluetooth Icon

Voltage Monitoring

LiPo battery and external voltage readings for “Battery Low” and “Power Loss” alerts 

Icon of Setting Cog

Flexible Configuration

Configure sensor and position update rates, task management scheduling, and more.

GPS pin point icon

Onboard GPS

Onboard GPS to quickly and easily keep track of deployment locations. 

Hawk Open Grey - Digital Matter

Fast and Flexible Integration

With an open and flexible payload structure, integrating Digital Matter’s IoT Data Logger into existing IoT platforms is faster and less complicated, allowing our partners to deploy or go to market faster with the latest IoT sensor monitoring technologies. 

Configure and Customize

Build a better IoT sensor monitoring system by optimizing our existing firmware to best fit your specific application, with hundreds of OTA configurable parameters. Configure sensor and position update rates, task management scheduling, and more, or work with our engineers to build out a fully custom solution.

The Digital Matter Difference

QUALITY matters

‘Good Enough’ is Not Enough For Your Critical Assets

Details matter. Our entire process is underpinned by a relentless attention to detail to consistently deliver solutions of the highest-possible quality and reliability.

POWER matters

The Power to Do More with ‘Deploy Once’ Battery Life

Through smarter design and better engineering we’re now able to achieve ‘deploy once’ battery life, significantly reducing operating costs and enabling deployments at scale.


Demand More From Your Devices

Easily configure your devices with full control over a rich set of device parameters. Send data to any end platform with multiple integration options.

SECURITY matters

Authenticated and Encrypted Everywhere

We implement comprehensive security protocols on our hardware and software to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your IoT data.

Watermappers Logo IoT Data Logger

​Lack of groundwater insight is causing unsustainable consumption across the globe. Discover how WaterMappers is utilizing the Hawk IoT data logger to make hydrological cycle modeling and groundwater mapping data more accessible.

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