Bluetooth® Gateway Devices

Unlock more value in your IoT asset tracking solution with GPS and Bluetooth tracking devices.

Connect More with Bluetooth Tracking Devices

For businesses looking to gain more visibility and control over their critical assets, Bluetooth technology offers a practical and customizable solution, providing flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Our range of Bluetooth Gateway devices combines the accuracy of GPS location tracking and Bluetooth Low Energy to enable asset visibility, condition monitoring, exception reporting, and more on a wide range of assets, including trailers, equipment, cargo, and more.

How do Bluetooth GPS Trackers work?

Several of our IoT asset tracking devices feature GPS for location tracking while also functioning as a Bluetooth Gateway for seamless communication with nearby BLE tags, sensors, or accessories.

In addition to providing location data, our Bluetooth Gateway devices can continuously or periodically “listen for” nearby BLE accessories and transmit the data to any end platform. With wired and battery-powered Bluetooth Gateway solutions, our Bluetooth tracking devices can be installed on a wide variety of mobile or static assets for a comprehensive asset tracking and management solution.

Construction Equipment Location

Bluetooth Asset Tracking Applications

Inventory, Cargo, and Asset Management

Bluetooth Location tracking tags can be used to manage stock, inventory, pallets, tools, small pieces of equipment, and more.

Door Open/Close Monitoring

Integrate with a variety of Bluetooth sensors to enable door open/close monitoring for tamper detection, reporting, and/or compliance.

Condition Monitoring

Install Bluetooth sensors in temperature and/or humidity-sensitive trucks, freezers, or packages to maintain safety and compliance.

Enhanced Fleet Management

Leverage Bluetooth sensors for driver ID, fuel monitoring, axle load, tire pressure, and temperature to achieve a robust and wire-free fleet management solution.

Exception Reporting

Receive alerts when, and at what locations, high-value assets or dangerous goods are mishandled during transit with impact, vibration, or high G-force detection.

Our Bluetooth GPS Trackers

Bluetooth Gateway Features

GPS Points

Global Connectivity

Track your assets anywhere in the world with multiple connectivity options across Cellular (2G, 4G, 5G, LTE-M/NB-IoT) networks.

GPS Points

Indoor/Outdoor Visibility

Seamlessly connect and track assets that move between indoor and outdoor environments, such as cargo, pallets, and equipment with indoor/outdoor Bluetooth GPS trackers.

Rugged & Weatherproof

Ultra-rugged and waterproof housings developed and tested to withstand rough environments, impact, fine dust, and brief submersion.

Theft Recovery

Activate real-time tracking for asset retrieval by switching to Recovery Mode in case of loss or theft.


Support for industry-standard BLE formats and compatibility with third-party Bluetooth tags, sensors, and accessories, offering a plug-and-play solution.

Custom Tag Formats

Flexibility to support custom Bluetooth tag formats, maximizing installation options for any use case.

Efficient Scanning Techniques

Smart filtering techniques optimize GPS tracker bluetooth accessory detection, reducing data usage and integration complexities.

Versatile Placement

Install ble asset tracking devices on mobile assets or as stationary solutions on walls, poles, or equipment.

Custom Dev Icons

Integrate Any Third-Party Bluetooth Tag

Our Bluetooth Gateways support several industry-standard BLE formats out-of-the-box. Using any third-party tags that are iBeacon/Eddystone compliant allows for a simple plug-and-play solution. Custom third-party tag formats are also supported to maximize the number of possible installation options for any use case.

Our Bluetooth tracking devices also support both active and passive scanning on all supported tag types, along with support for Bluetooth Low Energy Coded Scanning Technology to best support use cases where long-range transmission is required.

Configure and Customize for Your Use Case

Efficiently manage a comprehensive set of Bluetooth asset tracking parameters, including location reporting frequency, movement-based events, accelerometer settings, and more, allowing you to optimize device performance and reporting according to your specific use case.

Update device settings and firmware over-the-air (OTA) for continuous enhancement and adaptability with our cloud-based Device Management platform.

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Can I configure the devices to work for my use case?

Yes! Our devices our fully configurable via our Device Management Platform. Here, you can access a comprehensive library of device parameters and make updates over-the-air without physically plugging into, retrieving or replacing devices.

Can I integrate these devices with my platform?

Yes, all of our asset trackers are integration-ready. You can securely send data to any end platform. Learn more about device integration here.

How is my data protected?

We utilize military-level AES-256 encryption from our devices to Device Manager to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your data. Data forwarded to third-party systems is sent via HTTPS for end-to-end security.

Can I resell your Bluetooth Gateway devices?

Yes, all of our devices are white-label ready. Learn more about becoming a Digital Matter channel partner here.

What Bluetooth Tags do you support?

Our Bluetooth® Gateway devices support several industry-standard Bluetooth Low Energy sensors and formats out-of-the-box. Using any third-party tags that are iBeacon/Eddystone compliant allows for a simple plug-and-play solution.

Custom third-party tag formats are also supported to maximize the number of possible installation options for any use case. This is easily enabled by utilizing a pre-integrated device, or simply specifying the custom tag frame details.

Our Bluetooth gateways also support both active and passive scanning on all supported tag types, along with support for Bluetooth Low Energy coded scanning technology to best support use cases where long range transmission is required. Explore our knowledge base to learn more about Bluetooth tag integration.

How many Bluetooth tags can your devices scan for at a time?

Our devices are designed to efficiently scan and detect Bluetooth-enabled devices within range, capturing a broad spectrum of tags with strong signal quality.

While they are capable of identifying a wide array of devices, the practical limit for simultaneous scans to our Bluetooth gateways is dependent on the Bluetooth module RAM and Processors on the device. This is different for each of our devices and encompasses all supported tag types, ensuring a versatile and inclusive connectivity solution. Check out our Bluetooth Getting Started Guide to learn more.

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