GPS Trailer Trackers

Track, manage, and recover with integration-ready, battery-powered and wired trailer trackers

Improve Trailer Tracking and Utilization

GPS trailer trackers allow your business to track and monitor your fleet of trailers on-site and in transit. Our weatherproof, rugged, and battery-powered and wired GPS trackers for trailers report location and movement history, detect impacts, provide utilization reports, alerts for preventative maintenance and discreetly assist in anti-theft safety and theft recovery of trailers and the valuable assets they carry.

Global LPWAN Connectivity

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Track More with Bluetooth® Low Energy

Several of our GPS trailer tracker devices also feature Bluetooth® to provide both location tracking and detection of nearby Bluetooth tags and sensors. Third-party Bluetooth tags can be installed on lower-value assets that may not require a full tracking solution, such as pallets, tools, small equipment, and more.

These tags can report to the nearest Bluetooth-enabled tracking device for an affordable asset management solution. Third-party temperature, humidity, shock, and vibration sensors can also be integrated with our Bluetooth gateways for sensor monitoring applications.

Fast and Flexible Integration

With white-label ready tracker for trailer devices and an open and flexible payload structure, integrating Digital Matter solutions into existing trailer and asset monitoring systems, GPS tracking and IoT platforms, or ERPs is faster and less complicated, allowing our partners to deploy or go to market faster with the best GPS trackers for trailers and the latest IoT fleet and trailer tracking technologies.

The flexible configuration of our trailer trackers also targets the vitals most essential to enclosed trailer tracking and asset management. Receiving real-time accurate updates on the status of your trailers and semi-trailers throughout the entire cycle of on-site to destination allows your business to maximize efficiency by reducing fuel and maintenance costs, and increasing control, safety, and management of your trailers and assets.

The Digital Matter Difference

Proven Expertise

Global leaders in the asset tracking Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) ecosystem as determined by ABI Research. Over 1M+ devices designed, manufactured, and deployed across 120+ countries with over 1.5K endpoints and counting. 


We offer a versatile range of LPWAN asset tracking hardware with the largest portfolio of integration-ready battery-powered asset tracking devices across a range of connectivity technologies.


Fast Integration

Fast and secure integration into any IoT software platform and vehicle tracking system with comprehensive documentation and a flexible and open payload format.


Leading Performance

Our commitment to quality engineering and expertise in low-power design means our devices perform better, last longer, and are easier to manage than competitors.


Device Management

Customize device parameters to fit your use case. Manage, monitor, debug, and update our GPS fleet tracking devices remotely with our Device Management Platform.

Technical Support

Get industry-leading technical support with device activation, installation, configuration, integration, troubleshooting, and more.

Data Security

Protect your data with military-level AES-256 (Cellular) and AES-128 (LoRaWAN) Encryption.

Customize and Scale

Save time, money, and accelerate time-to-market by adapting our current range of devices to fit niche applications with custom firmware and sensor integrations.

Trailer Tracking Devices

Trailer GPS Tracker Features

Global Connectivity

Cellular (2G, 4G LTE-M/NB-IoT), LoRaWAN®, Sigfox and Bluetooth® Asset Tracking solutions.

Long Battery Life

Our trailer trackers are powered by off-the-shelf batteries with over 10 years of battery life, featuring built-in battery life monitoring for battery low and battery critical alerts.

Rugged & Weatherproof

IP68-rated housing ensures devices and trailer trackers can withstand rough environments, impact, fine dust, and brief submersion.

Periodic and Movement-Based

Receive trailer location updates regularly throughout the day and/or when movement occurs with smart adaptive tracking technology.

Theft Recovery

Switch to Recovery Mode in the case of theft or loss to activate near real-time tracking for trailer and asset retrieval.

Run Hour Monitoring

Capture run hours based on movement to understand and optimize trailer and asset utilization.

Preventative Maintenance

Set proactive maintenance reminders based on distance traveled with GPS for trailer tracking to reduce trailer downtime and repair costs.

Impact Detection

Receive impact-detection alerts when trailers are involved in accidents, abused, or misused.

Advanced Geofencing

Create custom geofences and alerts if a trailer enters or leaves specific locations. Geofences can also be downloaded directly to the GPS locator for trailer devices for enhanced location-based behaviors.

Easy Install

Multiple installation options for covertly securing devices to trailers with screws, bolts, cable ties, rivets, and more.

Flexible Configuration

Configure device parameters such as heartbeat rate, movement and accelerometer settings, and more to fit any GPS utility trailer tracking application.

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Trailer GPS Tracking Resources

Our GPS trackers for trailers provide durable, accurate, and reliable tracking with unique features and applications that seamlessly integrate with your current trailer fleet. Critical features for any GPS tracking system for trailers can extend beyond the standard to capture the details of your trailer’s operations from the start to the endpoint of the delivery.

Photo of device on trailer at the airport

Battery-Powered and Wired Solutions

Select from the largest range of battery-powered GPS tracking devices for trailers featuring up to 12 years of battery life for reliable and wire-free trailer tracking. We also offer a comprehensive range of powered GPS tracking solutions where the device is wired to permanent power for real-time trailer tracking.

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Asset Utilization Application

Battery Life Monitoring

Configure critical battery-low and battery-critical alerts. Regardless of whether your trailers are on-site or en-route, incredibly long battery life and timely alerts reduce the hassle of, or failure to change or recharge batteries, so your trailer tracker is always powered when you need it.

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Movement Based Tracking Tile

Movement-Based Tracking

Trailer tracker devices can also be configured for stationary updating and reporting as well as movement-based tracking, so you can get the data you need, when you need it, and allow the GPS tracker for semi trailer device to enter sleep mode to conserve battery and data usage when not in transit.

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Police car with lights on

Theft Prevention and Recovery

Trailer anti-theft GPS can be switched to stolen trailer tracker recovery mode in the event of loss or theft. In addition, global connectivity provides immediate and accurate near real-time tracking reports to help immediately find and recover lost or stolen trailers.

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Asset Utilization Application

Run Hour Monitoring

Adding GPS to equipment trailers also provides run-hour monitoring and smart adaptive tracking technology. Run hour monitoring allows your business to capture and report run hours and locations to more effectively manage the use of your trailers and reduce underutilization — eliminating wasted time, and uncovering opportunities to optimize your fleet routes and operations.

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Man repairing a large tire

Preventative Maintenance

Lower costs with preventative maintenance trailer tracking solutions that provide maintenance reminders when a trailer has traveled a set distance. Maintenance alerts allow your business to more efficiently manage repair schedules, organize and reduce trailer downtime, and lower the expense of managing downtime and repairs throughout the entirety of your trailer fleet.

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Large truck and trailers

Jostle Mode

Custom configurations such as jostle-based tracking on devices enable highly accurate run-hour tracking, rapid movement alerts and rejects reporting false trips, increasing the accuracy of your data and conserving battery life.

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Image of map with geofence digital fence

Advanced Geofencing

Advanced geofencing settings can be customized for specific locations and control the activity within the geofence. This includes triggering specific behaviors being tracked or setting alerts for exceeding speed limits, disabling cellular communication, turning the vehicle emergency lights on and more.

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