GPS Asset Tracking Devices

Build a better GPS Asset Tracking solution with integration-ready and globally scalable IoT hardware.

Multi-Technology Asset Tracking Solutions

Build a better asset tracking solution with the largest portfolio of certified and integration-ready LPWAN asset tracking devices and the widest range of connectivity and location technology options including GNSS, WiFi Positioning, Cell Tower Positioning, Bluetooth® Low Energy, Iridium Satellite, and LoRaWAN® Geolocation.


Global LPWAN Connectivity

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Solutions for Powered and Non-Powered Assets

Select from the largest range of battery-powered asset tracking devices featuring up to 12 years of battery life to track and manage assets that do not have a power source, such as pallets, bins, or shipping containers. We also offer comprehensive equipment monitoring, GPS fleet tracking and management and In-Vehicle-Monitoring System solutions for vehicles and heavy equipment management.

GPS Asset Tracking Devices for Every Asset

Asset Utilization Application

Fleet Tracking and Management

Integrate our vehicle and truck GPS tracking devices into existing fleet management platforms to improve ROI and reliability. Capture more actionable data points in real-time with advanced Driver ID features, driver behaviour monitoring, geofencing, temperature monitoring, and more.

High Value Equipment Application

Equipment, Parts, and Accessories

Asset tracking devices for high-value equipment such as earthmovers, attachments, bobcats, loaders, tractors, and more. Improve equipment visibility and utilization across worksites with wired or battery-powered devices. Maintain compliance and capture run-hours to schedule preventative maintenance.

Rental Equipment Application

Rental Equipment

Manage and protect your business rental equipment across locations with your own asset tracking system designed to improve productivity and churn rates. Track run-hours to bill customers based on usage. Receive alerts if equipment is used outside of agreed-upon hours or locations.

Asset Utilization Application

Trailers and Dollies

Our long-life battery-powered asset tracking devices can be covertly installed on trailers to provide location and movement-history data for up to 10 years on a single set of batteries. Receive location updates when trailers are on the move and conserve battery life when they aren’t with Digital Matter’s movement-based tracking technology.

Cold Chain Management

Bins, Containers, Pallets, Returnables

Covertly install long-life battery-powered GPS asset tracking devices on non-powered assets of all shapes and sizes to monitor location and movement. Set up near real-time movement alerts if assets move when they shouldn’t.

Cold Chain Management

Cold Chain and Asset Condition Monitoring

Collect critical asset location with condition data such as temperature, humidity, moisture, vibration, and more by integrating any third-party Bluetooth tag or sensor with select devices.

Featured GPS Asset Tracking Devices

GPS Asset Tracking Device Features

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'Deploy Once' Battery Life

Reduce installation, operation, and support costs with industry-leading battery life and performance. Powered by user-replaceable and easily sourced Alkaline, Lithium, or LTC batteries.

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Global Roaming

Supports automatic roaming between LTE-M and NB-IoT networks with minimal delay and marginal impact on battery life or performance for global GPS asset tracking applications (roaming SIM required).

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Indoor / Outdoor

Seamlessly track assets indoors and outdoors with GNSS and Wi-Fi location, eliminating the need for expensive RTLS gateways or beacons.

Installation Repair

Wire-Free Installation

No wires, no limits. Multiple installation options for covertly securing battery-powered devices to assets with screws, bolts, cable ties, rivets, and more.

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Ultra-rugged and waterproof IP68-rated device housings developed and tested to withstand rough environments, impact, fine dust, and brief submersion.

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Bluetooth® Low Energy

Integrate with third-party Bluetooth Low Energy tags, sensors, or beacons to capture additional asset condition data such as temperature, humidity, shock, vibration, impact, and more on select devices.

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Adaptive Tracking

Adaptive tracking technology detects when the device is on the move and increases the update rate, providing detail when you need it while conserving data and battery life when stationary.

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Periodic and Movement-Based

Receive location updates regularly throughout the day and/or when movement occurs with configurable Periodic and Movement-based tracking settings.

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After-Hours Alerts

Set ‘working’ and ‘after hours’ time frames to enable real-time alerts if assets move when they shouldn’t.


Run Hours and Utilization

Understand where, how often, and when your assets are being used to optimize operations and schedule usage-based preventative maintenance reminders.

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Advanced Geofencing

Create custom geofences and alerts if an asset enters or leaves designated locations. Geofences can also be downloaded directly to select devices for enhanced location-based behaviors.

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Theft Recovery

Switch to Recovery Mode in the case of misuse, loss, or theft to activate real-time tracking to for asset retrieval.

Oyster2 Battery Powered GPS

Fast and Flexible Integration

With an open and flexible payload structure, integrating Digital Matter GPS asset trackers into existing telematics, IoT, or GPS asset tracking platforms is faster and less complicated, allowing our partners to deploy or go to market faster with the latest IoT asset tracking technologies.

Configure and Customize

Build a better asset tracking system using IoT by optimizing our existing firmware to best fit your specific application, with hundreds of OTA configurable parameters. Control reporting frequency, movement-based events, accelerometer sensitivity, I/Os, and much more, or work with our engineers to build out a fully custom solution.

What Makes Digital Matter Asset Trackers Different?


Proven Expertise

Global leaders in the LPWAN IoT asset tracking ecosystem as determined by industry analysts ABI Research and IoT Analytics. With over 1M+ devices designed, manufactured, and deployed across 120+ countries, Digital Matter devices are trusted by some of the largest IoT, Telematics, Telecom, and Enterprise companies in the world.


Leading Performance

Our commitment to quality engineering and expertise in low-power design means our devices perform better, last longer, and are easier to deploy and manage at scale. Our solutions are trusted by some of the largest telematics companies in the world.

Global Connectivity

Comprehensive range of battery-powered and wired GPS asset tracking devices for global Cellular (2G, LTE-M (Cat-M1)/NB-IoT) and LoRaWAN® networks.

GPS Points

Multi-Technology Location

GNSS, Wi-Fi Location, Bluetooth®, Cell Tower Location, and Iridium Satellite location technology options for global GPS asset tracking and management.


Device Management

Take control of device parameters to best fit your use case and manage, debug, and update devices remotely with our Device Management Platform.


Fast Integration

Integrate our devices into any existing telematics, IoT, or GPS asset tracking platform with comprehensive documentation and a flexible and open payload format.

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Security and Support

Protect your data with military-level AES-256 (Cellular) and AES-128 (LoRaWAN) Encryption. Industry-leading technical support with device provisioning, integration, debugging, and more.

Customize and Scale

Save time, money, and accelerate time-to-market by adapting our current range of devices to fit niche applications with custom firmware and sensor integrations, or build a fully custom solution.

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Bringing IoT to Previously “Untrackable” Markets

As new business cases emerge for the IoT as device and connectivity costs continue to decrease, businesses are able to broaden the range of assets they track. Learn how Foresolutions is using Digital Matter’s battery-powered GPS asset tracking devices to build out more scalable, lower-cost asset tracking solutions for their clients.

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