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Datacake Digital Matter GPS Integration
Datacake Digital Matter GPS Integration
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Data is sent to our device management platform (OEM Server) and forwarded with a connector. OEM server translates the device's native protocol into a JSON format and these records are sent to an endpoint over an HTTP POST. The connector specifies the endpoint location, and optionally: SSL (HTTPS); basic authentication; and some custom header options.

Raw TCP Connector

Data is sent to our device management platform (OEM Server) and forwarded with a connector. The connector specifies the endpoint's location (URL:port). Data is sent in the device's native protocol, which is a raw TCP protocol. A TCP socket is opened per device connection.

Direct Integration

Receive data directly from the device. Allows complete and independent control of the device and data.

Multi-Connector and Data Splitting

Send data to multiple endpoints simultaneously.

Webhook Integration with Telematics Guru

Webhook integration with Telematics Guru: Pushes data after certain events occur via HTTP POST.


Easy integration with comprehensive documentation and a flexible and open payload format.

Manage your devices remotely

Our scalable Device Management Platform makes integrating, provisioning and monitoring your Digital Matter devices simple and secure.

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