OEM Server Device Management

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Over-the-Air device management

Manage, monitor, configure, debug, update and reboot devices remotely from our OEM Server cloud-based device management system.

Push new features and functionality to your devices as well as change parameters and fix any bugs or problems. 

OEM Server is a tool for technical staff to manage everything related to your Digital Matter cellular devices - making it really easy to get up and running with your first devices - and to scale up to managing thousands of devices easily.


OEM Server

Easily configure your devices

Our devices work great out of the box with defaults, but we know that every solution is different!
OEM Server uses a simple and easy-to-use interface to allow our reseller partners to setup their devices even for the most complext configuration requirements.


OEM Server

Wirelessly Update firmware 

Easily update your device whenever new firmware is released.
You can apply firmware updates in bulk, and easily see which devices have upgraded and which are still pending.


Wireless update firmware

Remotely Debug your device

Push new features and functionality to your devices as well as change parameters and fix any bugs or problems. 


remote debugging

Flexible device Parameters

Configure every element of every device including:

  • In and out of trip logging intervals
  • Digital and analogue input and output setup
  • GPS and accelerometer settings
  • Driver ID and Keypad setup

Tailor device behaviour to your specific application


Flexible Device Parameters

Update and configure devices in bulk

 Easily filter devices and then apply previously saved parameters to all selected
devices simultaneously.

Use new or existing device settings to create templates for unique applications and
specific customers.

Detailed settings screens give you immense control of every aspect of devices, and
once configured, save these settings as re-usable templates.


Update & Device Management


OEM server has an "Installer" page which allows installers to access without a login.
The installer page shows the status of a device and runs installation checks to see that the GPS is working and allows an installer to test inputs.

It is designed to work great from a mobile device, so it is really easy for an installer to use in the field when working on a vehicle.


OEM Server installer

Seamlessly integrated with Telematics.guru

Telematics.guru is Digital Matter's customer tracking and telematics platform and has been designed and engineered to work best with our devices and OEM server.

The seamlessly integrated system is availabe as white label software for your client base. Simply apply your branding and you are in business!


Telematic Guru

Data Connector for 3rd Party tracking software

Our OEM Server provides Data Connectors that forward data records on to the
software platform of your choice, including Digital Matter's own Telematics Guru

OEM Server offers the facility to "split" the data from your devices should you or
your customer require data in multiple operational systems.

So now you can enjoy the best of both worlds - OEM Server for OTA device
management and your own telematics or tracking platform.

Data connecting

more about oem

One of the key considerations when designing the entire Digital Matter "ecosystem" was the requirement to be able to remotely manage and control the devices, as the devices we deal with are mobile and are often located in remote areas.

It was also important to be flexible in the ways that we supply the data to the end customer's choice of software system, while at the same time not restricting the features of the device.The remote or "Over The Air" (OTA) capability is core to all of our products and the OEM Server allows us to:

Easily Integrate with 3rd party software systems

A variety of Data Connectors allow OEM Server to pass device data on to 3rd party systems, making it easier for the system to ingest data and not worry about implementing the more complex device management protocols. Some the of the options include:

  1. The 'native' TCP/IP data protocol that the device sends
  2. HTTP push of data in JSON, XML and other options
  3. MyGeotab integration for Geotab resellers
  4. Azure IoT Hub Integration via HTTP callbacks (under development)


Remotely update device firmware

This allows new features and functionality to be pushed down to the device as well as providing the ability to fix any bugs or problems.

Update GPS Offline Aiding Data

Digital Matter devices make use of the latest GPS techniques to acquire satellites and get a fix as quickly as possible. Offline Aiding Data allows the device to calculate which GPS sattelites are in orbit above it and therefore dramatically speeds up acquisition times, especially when in poor reception areas. Through the OEM Server, offline data files are downloaded to the devices on a periodic basis.


The OEM Server keeps track of devices and when they last connected, battery voltages and other important management and diagnostic indicators. The system allows you to proactively address any potential issues


The OEM Server manages the 'debug' state of devices and records any debug records coming up from the devices for analysis. This is a powerful tool in diagnosing any potential problems from SIM card airtime through to problems with wiring and installations.

Manage Peripherals

Digital Matter devices can have a number of peripherals connected to them and the OEM Server allows these to be configured and managed without being limited by the customer's chosen software platform.

Perform LIVE two way communication

This allows the server to proactively push messages down to the devices when connected.

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