Telematics Guru Tracking Platform

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Telematics Guru Tracking Platform


Telematics Guru has been carefully designed to deliver the information you need most, when you need it. Powerful and intuitive, with Telematics Guru you'll have access to meaningful visual maps, customized alerts and excel based reporting, helping you focus on the data that matters.


Keep track of all of your assets in one place with real-time Live Map Views

Monitor movement, point-by-point with Map History Views and view instant snapshots of daily movements with Trip History

Important events, accidents and speed violations displayed directly on the map for easy viewing

Live Tracking in Telematics Guru

ASSET HEALTH, Usage & Critical Events

Monitor asset uptimes, speed, inactivity, temperature, door open/close and much more (depending on what devices you are using)
Recovery Mode enables immediate "live-tracking" in the case of theft and High-G Force event detection for misuse or abuse alerts
Run hour or odometer readings on devices can be used for scheduling maintenance jobs and reminders to protect asset health
Asset Health Management

In Vehicle Monitoring Systems

In Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS) is a system whereby from a central place of management, vehicle usage, driver ID and driver behaviours can be monitored for compliance. Depending on the industry, required implementation and specifications may differ.

Our GPS tracking devices and Telematics Guru Tracking Software is feature-rich, flexible and can be configured to meet many common IVMS requirements.

In Vehicle Monitoring Systems


Select from common alerts such as Trip Start, Trip End, After Hours Usage, Low Battery, External Power Removed, Speeding and more

Customize, schedule and download vital reports for analysis and billing

Set a one touch movement alert directly from the map view

Customizable Reports and Alerts


Set up and monitor Geofences (Virtual Boundaries) for operations management

Configure alerts to notify team members when an asset arrives or departs a key area

Set speed limits, track entries and exits, time spent and distance travelled within the boundary.

Alerts and Reports


Leverage the innovative ‘battery meter’ installed on many devices.

View remaining battery percentage and remaining lifetime and set low battery alerts to ensure timely battery change reminders

View device upload and GPS successes and failures to detect any potential problems

Geofence Monitoring

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Telematics Guru is available for Android and Apple Mobile Devices

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