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What Our Partners Say

Read about what our current resellers say about partnering with Digital Matter.

We owe a large amount of our success to Digital Matter – a great partnership.

The Digital Matter team understand our requirements and are able to build and adapt devices for our usage.

The reliability and performance of both devices and software are leagues ahead of our competitors, and we know this because we have tried many devices and platforms over the last 11 years.”

Managing Director, EzyTrack

Other GPS tracking devices do not match the reliability and robustness of Digital Matter’s devices.

Working with Digital Matter and their support team has been a key reason for our success with this project. There is often lots of testing and troubleshooting that happens in these unique cases, and Digital Matter have been part of this process every step of the way.

Founder, TG Tracking

Kudos to everything about Digital Matter.

We have been looking for a 'Partner' not just a 'Vendor' for many years to help us enter the tracking space. We have had no success until we found your supported devices.

Your technical team is some of the BEST I have EVER worked with, and I have been doing this for over 30 years."

CEO and Founder, Restotracker

The power of the whole ecosystem – from the device to device management, is why we went with Digital Matter devices.

Digital Matter gave us access, control and flexibility to a number of the settings and configurations that many other vendors did not allow.

Architecture and Strategy Manager, Kennards Hire

Digital Matter supplies us with a wide range of quality products that are simple to implement into our solution.

From the get-go, they have been fantastic to work with providing excellent after-sales service, which is something we struggled to get with our previous supplier.

Founder, NuPoint

Very, very rarely these days do I feel the need to reach out to one of our vendors... let them know how impressed I am with their products and more importantly their support of those products.

As our experience grows so does our appreciation and confidence in [Digital Matter's] equipment, management systems, and the associated support.

Founder, USAG Network

Being a software provider with such a comprehensive product, it can be difficult to find partners...

whose products can fully account for the depth and variety of different situations that our clients find themselves in professionally. We love working with Digital Matter because their range of GPS products are as open and adaptable in form as our software.

Technical Manager, AroFlo